Her earliest memories are of the wolves.

And of the hunters who killed them and reclaimed her to human society--as a slave.Tanith has grown up as part of a savage, plundering clan, in a world ruled by brute strength, superstition, and animal cunning.

Now, hated and shunned, Tanith flees human society for the more humane company of wolves.

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I can't even begin to say how much I love it I read it about 9 years ago when I was in middle school and It has been my favorite book ever since. He chose to believe his mistress over the girl he adopted and took care of his wife day in and day out up until the second she died.... The book does an amazing job of getting you attached to the wolves and the relationship they have with Tanith that my heart actually broke when she found her wolves like that.

Her people apparently let their children be raised by wolfs. She is being raised by these Viking like people and its really interesting to see her struggle with her identity. That she wishes she could be like people who own and she feels ugly. She sings and they howl and she growls like a wolf.NO DAIRY product here. Like the author writes in a way thats fast pace yet detailed.

So I read this book way back in middle school on recommendation of my cousin. That said, the same lovely cousin that recommended the book to me in the first place just gifted me a copy of the book. It's interesting to me how my impressions have changed of the book since then. I still LIKE Gibran but... I don't know, it just made me think that while Gibran is a "nice guy" that in the end he didn't TRULY love Tanith, otherwise he might have been more sensitive to her feelings and desires.

Since this book is so short, there was not a lot I could have said without getting some spoilers into the mix. So, from this point out, you might not want to read if spoilers arent your thing. You have been warned This book is written in the perspective of Tanith, a girl who was raised by wolves. As an infant, she was born into a clan of humans who believed if they leave their child with the wolves for a few days, they would grow up with the knowledge of the wolves. Tanith was chosen in her clan to be that child. However, an enemy clan that is run by the chieftain Ahearn, a mean prick who acts as if hes caring but is really a douche, attacks the wolves Tanith was staying with. Then read the book! In short, Tanith did everything to please her, and the rest of the clan, in order to live in peace. Tanith does as shes told so as to not upset the bitch, but little does she know that Morag tells Ahearn that she ran away from home. What gets on my nerves is that once Tanith returns home and explains to everyone that it wasnt her fault but Morags, nobody believes her and Ahearn casts her away from the village. Ashok is the alpha wolf, Shula his mate, Zaal and Zeki their cubs, and Kalasin is like the cubs caretaker. His mate, Raida, comes along later in the book but Ill let you read it for yourselves. They loved her for her, and for a long time, Tanith lived happily with them. Thats because this book is so full of contradictions you just want to kill someone! Anyway, he wants to leave and go to his tribe so that Tanith and he could live happily together! I never want to read something this depressing ever again (Watch me pick up some sad, messed up book next.). In fact, the wolves were the only good part of the book. I was so fascinated to read those parts of the book that contained new things about wolves that I never knew before. *Ahem* Anyway, these are the only characters in the book worth your time. Unfortunately, thats about as good as it gets. Well, towards the end of the book she gets wiser, so thats good. I dont want to read a book about it! I really really didnt like this book. If you like wolves and want to know a great deal more about it then this book is for you. If you like stupid endings and screwed up logic then this book is for you! However, if all these are a turn off, then STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS BOOK!!!

First off, the book is pretty realistic when it comes to wolf behavior. However, there were times when the wolves did some very un-wolf like things. (There are other examples, but I'm not in the mood to look through the book just now to ferret them out) Tanith's supernatural ability to understand the exact meaning of wolf howls is also preposterous. I would recommend this book to wolf lovers who know enough to take it with a grain of salt.

Wolf Woman is a compelling story dealing with different kinds of dramas. Tanith is a kinsfolk with the wolves. When her adopted mother who is kind and loving dies, she is blamed for the crisis. It is appropriate for ages 10+, as it was highly engaging and teaches of how tribes treat one another.

Her breakthrough came with Rocco, published in the United States as A Time of Darkness, and since that time she has gone on to pen many more titles for young adult and juvenile readers that have been published both in her native New Zealand and throughout the world.

  • English

  • Young Adult

  • Rating: 4.09
  • Pages: 176
  • Publish Date: June 1st 1996 by Laurel Leaf
  • Isbn10: 0440219698
  • Isbn13: 9780440219699