Thanks to My Mother

Thanks to My Mother

Over the next few years, she endured starvation, brutality, and forced labor in three concentration camps.

With courage and ingenuity, Susie's mother helped her to survive--by disguising her as an adult to fool the camp guards, finding food to add to their scarce rations, and giving her the will to endure.

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If you go by the first criteria all holocaust books will get five stars. Please, please remember this does not mean people should not read the book. In fact I think this book shuld be read by everyone. I hope those of you reading this reviews understand my line of reasoning. I think it is very important to read books about the holocaust, books that depict the lives of particular survivors and what they lived through. I have below given you excerpts so I believe you understand how the author expresses herself. Nevertheless, the author's inability to express her emotions made this book difficult for me to read. There is a very important reason why this book should be read, even given all the holocaust literature from which one can choose. I am not going to give spoilers, but you should read this book to find out what the author's mother did to save her child. You should read this book to find out about this amazing woman, the mother of the author! And that she suceeded proves that when you think all is hopeless, there is still a chance of happiness and hope at the end of a long dark tunnel. From page 63 you simply cannot put the book down. There is no distance whatsoever between the reader and the author and her mother. Wait until you have the chance to mee Raja, tha author's mother. I think the last line spoken by the mother is something all should remember. Through 62 pages of 246: There is certainly nothing wrong with this book, except that the prose style has no magic....... It is just that the families are huge and every single member is described meticulously from the inside out, from their toes to their hair tips. The book is concerned with the author's Jewish families, both her father's and her mothers. This book is about the author's life and her families' lives in Vilnius while history played itself out over their heads. There are poems throughout the narrative, and these poems were written by the author when she was a child living in the ghetto. Maybe this is why the reader feels a distance between themselves and the people in the book. My mother liked him very much and took the trouble to make sure he got one warm meal a day; that was all she could do for him.

I highly recommend this book because I learned so much more about what life was like in concentration camps. I finished the book with such a big sense of appreciation and gratitude for my life and the simple freedoms I have everyday.

My mother read this to me as a child actually.

Repetition is used quite a bit when susinka witnessed the horrifying treatment of the Jewish people who were walking down the street. I would recommend it if you like the holocaust topic as something to read about.

VERY few Jewish children survived the war, and most of those who did survived in hiding with gentile families or in institutions. Of the entire family, only Raja, Susie and one of Raja's brothers survived the war.

I was appalled, as I usually am when reading about the Holcaust, and to say that I "enjoyed" a book detailing the horrificness coming out of the concentration camps seems to me to be a slap in the face of those who suffered. The book details the horrible conditions that Susanna, her mom, and so many other people had to endure during a nearly 3 year stint in various labor and concentration camps.

I am amazed at what this author's mother did, how clever and insightful she was and hope that I, too, could help my child and myself live through a life-threatening experience.

This is an incredible story about a young girl and her mother who overcame all odds and survived the holocaust.

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  • Publish Date: March 1st 2000 by Puffin Books
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