She Had No Enemies

She Had No Enemies

Dennis Fleming's 18-yr-old sister, Mickey, was murdered by serial killer Anthony J.

Through a combination of solid journalism and introspective reflection, Dennis weaves an intricate story filled with sadness, anger, and even humor about his attempts to cope with the greatest tragedy he'd ever known.

From the shocking details of Mickey's murder and his subsequent suicide attempt to the mixed feelings he experienced as he witnessed LaRette's execution, Dennis delves deeply into the complex process of coming to grips with his sister's death and of eventually finding forgiveness in his heart for her killer.

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A Compelling, Quite Painful, Search for Emotional Relief in the Aftermath of A Sister's Murder Dennis Fleming's "She Had No Enemies" is a compelling, if quite painful, recounting of his personal odyssey in the aftermath of his youngest sister's senseless murder by a serial killer; a murder that was meaningful only in the sense that it led directly to the killer's apprehension by police, and eventually, years later, to his execution. In his sharp depiction of personal emotional loss, Fleming has crafted a work which I regard almost as memorable as Frank McCourt's "Angela's Ashes" in its brutal exploration of the author's own heroic odyssey to emerge psychologically anew out of the psychological wilderness created by his sister's murder. And yet, even with LaRette's capture, both Dennis' and his surviving family members' emotionally wrenching lives would continue, for many years, even after LaRette's 1995 execution for Mickey's murder, without any genuine semblance of normality.

Far More than a Fascinating and Gripping Memoir Dennis Fleming has found a way to enter the complex, difficult, and elusive world of writing with this excellent introspective mind-purging memoir recounting the 1980 brutal death of his little 18-year-old sister Mickey by a serial killer. Having gone through skirmishes with alcohol, with the rigors of being Marine, and with the frustrations of groping for his voice in literature and film writing, Fleming takes the reader by the hand and in solid writing technique allows entry into all his secret spaces and disillusionment, only to finally come to grips with the closure of his loss of his sister by witnessing the execution of her killer and putting into words his personal resilience in the form of a letter to that trigger for his life change - the killer, Anthony LaRette.

It took her brother, Dennis Fleming, many wrong turns in life and a quarter of a century to tell the story of her brutal murder in his memoir, She Had No Enemies. The blue-collar Flemings, like Frank McCourts family in Angelas Ashes, have tragedy written all over them right from the get-go. But unlike the dad, when Fleming blunders he catches himself, mostly, like the time with Christopher McQuarrie at a writers conference, or when he says hes rarely passed an opportunity to make a fool of himself. Fleming says, Although most of us were broken in some way growing up in the chaos of our family, Mickey emerged intact. In the end, for Dennis Fleming to emerge intact he had to write She had to Enemies.

She Had No Enemies, a memoir by Dennis Fleming, shares the gut-wrenching story of the murder of the authors eighteen-year-old sister, Mickey, nearly thirty years ago. The book is more than just a memoir, as Fleming explores the emotion behind not just his younger sisters murder, but the mind and rationale of the killer. Throughout the memoir, Fleming shares bits and pieces of his past, unrelated to the murder Mickey.

The story clearly shows how the death of someone so young damages those who love them physically, mentally, and spiritually.

It takes you through times before, during, and after Mickey's murder and the author tries to cope over the years.

Tissue please I was watching my usual line up of true crime on television when I saw the story depicted in this book. Watching Mr Fleming's account near the end of the show I found myself intrigued by both the man and the horror(s) he has survived.

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  • Publish Date: August 4th 2008 by Createspace
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