Night Season

Night Season

Pregnancy has turned FBI Agent Cynna Weaver's whole life upside down.

Lupus sorcerer Cullen Seabourne is thrilled to be a father, but what does Cynna know about kids?

They want to take Cynna and Cullen back with them- to meet her long-lost father and find a mysterious medallion.

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*** 4 *** Call me shallow, but I am having a lot of fun with this series:) And in this volume we finally got our much needed dose of Cynna and Cullen, who are the main narrators here. She probably confused "ally" with "friend"she wanted people on her side to increase her odds of surviving. You and I are maybe on the way to being friends. I don't know that we're there yet, but I would not like it if you were killed." "Sure, because I can cross and you might need me." Cynna shook her head. "Even if you couldn't cross, I would be sad if you died." "Maybe you're lying." "I'm not, but that's where the trust thing comes in.

So in this book we have Cullen and Cynna traveling to a different dimension to retrieve a magical artifact for some elves. Along with their not-a-demon friend who loves swimming, they also encounter the couple from the half-book who seemed really random, but I had a feeling would be really important later. She starts to care about her little parasite as the book goes on. It was a really big step-up from the last book.

While we get some time with Lily and Rule, this is Cynnia and Cullen's book. It is a different yet even more engaging fit than Lily and Rule's.

I'm still not as interested in Cullen and Cynna as I was in Lily and Rule. The actual overreaching story arc still hooked me, but I didn't really work up much enthusiasm for the actual relationship potential between Cullen and Cynna. I really liked how the author handled Cynna's reaction to her new circumstances. Just like with Lily's reaction to the mate thing, Cynna was not overjoyed by her pregnancy. ***SPOILERS*** I think the biggest lack (besides occasional slow pacing) was the development of Cynna and Cullen's relationship. It didn't fail in the actual delivery--I actually thought Cullen's slow wooing of Cynna was sweet--it failed in the reason. Even the love thing didn't really make a difference for me.

When the first book, Tempting Danger, in this series came along, we had Lily in San Diego, working with supernatural within the world, adapting, learning, revealing the world. Then in book 2, Mortal Danger, Lily is suddenly in a Hell dimension surrounded by demons and shes split in 2 and its all kind of abruptly very new. Then book 3, Blood Lines we switched to Cynna and were up to our eyebrows in demons and alternate dimensions and magic waves and the whole world now under threat. I needed, maybe, 2 or 3 books between Tempting Danger before we reached Mortal Danger so I could spend some time getting to know Lily and werewolves and magic and Cynna get to know the world before the whole world is dumped into a blender and mixed up so completely. Its not that this story was bad, by any stretch of the imagination but I dont know this world well enough to be read to have this many wrenches thrown into the works and Im too adrift to keep running with it. Cynna, with her magic finding power, has to find the McGuffin (yes, Im calling it that because it really is irrelevant what it is) which everyone else wants as well. From the very minor Lily rebuilding her wardrobe according to her bank balance and taste (and yes its well meaning and yes Lily is considered more fashionably able but still its another choice Cynna isnt making), through to the fact that everyone in Edge values her because of her super-special abilities; theres very little of her own personality there shes a walking avatar of her power.

As I said for the perivous book: each one adds to the world-building!

I was interested in the characters but not really the quest this time, and I was disappointed Lily and Rule didnt have a part in it. But despite those minor irritations, shes got me hooked, and Im pretty sure Im in this series for the long haul.

Its interesting to me that so many people liked this book a little less than the first three, because it features Cynna and Cullen instead of Lily and Rule. Its different with Cynna and Cullen. As the story begins, Cynna is still struggling to accept the fact that she is pregnant. Here, Kais mission overlaps with our group from Earth, but its not clear how right away. I really enjoyed Kai and Nathans short story, so I liked seeing them again here and learning what became of them. Most of the book is in Cynnas POV, which I liked. And I enjoyed watching Cullen work to break down her walls.

Eileen Wilks first book, a Silhouette Desire published in 1996, hit the USA Today Bestseller List and was nominated for Romantic Times' Best First Short Contemporary award. Having read and loved science fiction for years, thats where she first tried her hand when the writing bug bit. Somehow her stories always ended up having a strong romantic subplot, but she hadnt read a romance since the early 80s and didnt think those little books were her kind of stories.