Four gorgeous girls are telling very ugly stories.First Emily, Aria, Hanna, and Spencer claimed they found a dead body in the woods behind Spencer's house, only to have it vanish without a trace.

And even after all that, the pretty little liars are still playing with fire.

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Es la más floja de todas las que he leído al momento porque los descubrimientos que ha habido no han estado tan bien llevados como en otras ocasiones, y porque el final es un poco...

1) Darren Wilden the cop is from an Amish settlement that A sent Emily to and God knows what happened to his ex?girlfriend Leah. Is Iris going to appear in the next book? He definetly wasn't the one IMing Spencer since apparently it was the creepy outsider arrested for Ali AND Jenna's murders. Aria still has his class ring and I don't think Melissa is in contact with him.This isn't looking good, Ian, we need you now more than ever. Apparently the pedophile got her, and disposed of her body like Ali. I guess we'll never know about Jason and Ali's sibling problems and the whole mystery of Jenna herself. 6)I don't know where to start on this one.Ali's mom and Spencer's dad (Yes her parents are her biological parent's but Olivia delivered her) were an item! 7) While on the topic of romance, here are the following couples: Spencer and Andrew, Aria and Noel, Hanna and Mike and Emily is flying solo. Maybe this will lead to a renewed sense of sisterhood (Am I the only who thinks the 'Pretty Little Liars' would be a fly clique at Rosewood?).

Then onto the exact same story arc as last time as with the previous cliff-hanger figure (Ian), Alison has now vanished as quickly as she appeared. Spencer actually bothers to ask if shes adopted and it turns out that Olivia is in fact her surrogate mother, something which probably should have been mentioned to her before now. Hanna is delighted to be dating Mike, whose extreme vile misogyny she excuses as a raunchy sense of humor, but this is interrupted when the school psychologist decides without meeting her that she has PTSD and her father tells her he is sending her to a mental institution. Spencers mother is added to the list of suspicious people, as usual for no reason whatsoever, and we are once more reminded of previous not actually suspicious suspects Jenna and Maya. Meanwhile Emily makes sure she is totally untraceable and then heads to the middle of nowhere, just like her mystery blackmailer demanded, and seconds later she is welcomed into the bosom of an Amish family who dont know her. Then Suggestible Spencer suddenly remembers some details about her mothers behaviour on the night of Alisons death, but none of them are of any use. It turns out Emilys new Amish friend Lucy had a sister Leah who went missing, just like Alison, which is obviously very interesting and hopefully means that theres a local serial killer preying on teenage girls who will soon eliminate the rest of the cast. Emily finally finds out that Officer Wilden and Leah the Missing Amish Girl were involved with each other, meaning that most likely he killed her and therefore the body that everyone thought was Alison was Leah all along, coincidentally buried in Alisons garden. The press suddenly decide for no reason to accuse all four girls of murder, which seems a bit off but strangely doesnt lead to any sort of libel case, even though the families are fabulously wealthy. A quick chat with escaped murder suspect Ian, currently on the run but none-the-less in communication with all his school friends, reveals that Spencers father and Alisons mother were having a long term affair of roughly 13 years, covering the period of both their marriages, but no one ever mentioned it before even though half of Rosewood, including Ian, knew. Furthermore he takes time out of his busy schedule of being on-the-run from the law and a wanted murderer to suddenly mention how hes always though Spencer, Melissa and Alison always looked alikehint, hint. Conclusion Alison is obviously Spencers secret half-sister, but it was never mentioned and their parents married different people and acted like the whole thing has never happened becausesomething or other. Aria has also got somewhat side-tracked: having asked the conveniently possessed medium the one question you are allowed to ask the dead (not sure where this rule has come from): Who killed you? Soon enough she is arrested for withholding evidence, specifically Ians class ring which isnt evidence of anything, whilst Jason repeatedly tries to tell her something important but finds himself physically prevented from doing so apparently by the force of plot requirements. Simultaneously Emily pops back into the story and is also arrested, which is actually fair enough since she is reading private police files. We also have to go through the whole victim-trapped-in-car-with-potential-killer business once again, with the protagonists this time being Spencer and her mother. Hanna wisely uses her extra time in running aimlessly about making wild surmises about how exactly how Iris, her insane and yet dull roommate at the mental institute, could have come to know Alison, even though this have come about via any number of silly plot devices. Once in custody due to a combination of a police cover-up that makes no sense and the force of an article in People magazine, the girls are immediately placed in a cell together in order to allow them to conspire. Suddenly everyone has decided that one of the suspicious-looking builders who nobody questioned at the time is the murdered. Spencer, astounded by the idea that the killer could have been such a stranger, an outsider and not her mother as she had hoped, checks CNN and finds that his name is Billy Ford and there is overwhelming evidence against him, although we dont get to hear any of it. At any rate it would seem that even if he escapes custody the girls of Rosewood are safe as long as they refrain from digging graves on their own properties, so Im not really sure where the element of danger or excitement is supposed to come in. I would like to say though that Im pretty sure Alison didnt rule Earth, however popular she may have been in the tiny and unimportant suburb of Rosewood. The reference does however allow him to use the phrase shes not really dead, which is presumably supposed to remind us of Alison. But I can only think of one horror story, so There is literally no internal integrity to the story peoples actions are based on what will result in the most narrative drama and new facts from the past suddenly turn up whenever Shepard feels like handing out a new clue or adding someone else to the suspect list. Each individual book follows the same pattern of negating the events of the previous book, baldly stating the new suspects without regard for sense, dawdling about restating the previous plot and adding filler stories that dont fit with the main narrative and finally throwing in a random-accusation-based cliff-hanger at the conclusion.

You could tell from the very beginning that the end was going to be worthy of shitting bricks, and upon arriving at that point, I realized it's very true. While Heartless may be the best PLL installment to date, it's also the shortest, and I can't tell yet if that's a good thing or a bad thing. The drama takes a step up in this book as well: Spencer's family drama is one of my favorite themes interspersed in these pages, and Hanna's drama with fellow inpatients at the hospital is intense. Heartless, once again, is the best installment in the PLL series to date, and honestly, I can't wait until I can finish Wanted and know how the series was originally supposed to end before the four books were added.

I feel like if they communicated more with each other, they would actually figure more out but alas, they still aren't really friends. 2. Sending Hanna to a mental institute for her eating disorder where she meets a girl who seems to have known Ali in the past. While the girls still had their annoyances here (omg Emily and her undying love for everything that is Ali), I really felt like at least Spencer and Aria started to grow a little.