A Secret Infatuation

A Secret Infatuation

Just for once allow your heart to rule your prudent common sense... Tempting advice - dared Eugenie take it? A country unbringing had taught her to be practical...not to cherish romantic dreams about tall, handsome strangers! But a chance encounter one misty day in spring changed all that. Eminent surgeon Aderik Rijnma ter Salis was a very special man - he made Eugenie's life seem brighter, full of exciting possibilities! But with the gorgeous Saphira at his side, could Aderik's feelings for Eugenie ever be more than strictly professional?

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He is entangled with a fiancee and so our poor heroine must try and forget him.

They meet when he is lost in the mist on Dartmoor near her parents home. He even admits it but of course it can't be as simple as that when he has a selfish fiancée and is enigmatic 97% of the time.

I just couldn't get past the fact that he was engaged to another woman and was stepping out with the heroine. I also couldn't work past the fact that she accepted the assignment in Holland for the sole purpose of luring him away from his fiancee. I predict a not to happy future when the next pretty nurse lures him away.

But just how serious is he about his engagement?--he keeps inventing jobs so that Eugenie can work with him.

4 Stars Taking a leave of absence from a London hospital, Eugenie helps her mother care for her father following his heart attack. The next day when Aderik continues on his way, Eugenie confesses to her mother that she "should like to marry him". Discovering Eugenie is a very skilled surgical nurse, Aderik offers her a temporary position in Holland while his personal nurse completes her maternity leave.

So at the end of her first day when Mr. RtS takes her for tea and says it was Saphira's idea, Eugenie feels patronised and takes it as a challenge. The next day, Mr. RtS tells Eugenie they will be flying to Madeira to operate on the Dutch consul. When Mr. RtS tells Saphira he and Eugenie are going to Madeira, Saphira says, "All that hair. While getting a breath of fresh air after the surgeries, Aderik says, "Thank you, Eugenie, my love." Earlier when Eugenie remarked about the nightmare situation of the war and injuries, he said, "A nightmare could never be a nightmare if you are in it, Eugenie." Meanwhile, Saphira is getting fed up with Aderik constantly being unavailable due to his work and questions whether she wants to marry him (this is what he has been waiting for!). Being a Veronica, however, she must make mischief, so she tells Eugenie she and Aderik have set the date for their marriage and other nasty nonsense. Aderik and Saphira continue to quarrel about his work. He intends to marry Eugenie, but "knew that Saphira. As soon as he can, Aderik drives to Torquay, surprises Eugenie and drives her home, telling her that he and Saphira are no longer engaged and getting Eugenie to admit she didn't really mean it when she said she never wanted to see him again.

As chance would have it he is engaged to the ghastly Saphira; one of TGB's more obnoxious Veronicas.

This comprised eight nursing sisters, including Betty, to 100 men! But Betty's war didn't end there, for she was posted to Scotland, and then on to Northern Ireland, where she met her Dutch husband. The small family lived in Holland for 13 years, and Betty resumed her nursing career there. She was always quite firm upon the point that the Dutch doctors who frequently appeared in her stories were *not* based upon her husband, but rather upon an amalgam of several of the doctors she met while nursing in Holland. To her millions of fans around the world, Betty Neels epitomized romance. Her myriad of fans found a warmth and a reassurance of a better world in her stories, along with characters who touched the heart, which is all and more than one could ask of a romance writer.

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  • Rating: 4.02
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: June 1995 by Harlequin Romance
  • Isbn10: 037303363X
  • Isbn13: 9780373033638