Sunshine and Shadow

Sunshine and Shadow

Could their explosive love bridge the chasm between two impossibly different worlds?He thought there were no surprises left in the world...but the sudden appearance of young Amish widow Susan Peachey was astonishingand just the shock cynical Alan Wilde needed.

But would she have to sacrifice all she cherished for the uncertain joy of their forbidden love?

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I have never read a fluffy romance that has done anything like it. He is filming a horror movie in backwoods Wisconsin. Susan is an Amish schoolteacher who stumbles on his filmset after attacking the horror movie monster in the woods. Able to learn, as smart as any of the people on the film set laughing at her. It would be so very easy to make her bumbling, make her seduced by the film director and their romance is him taking her into his world and her being constantly wide eyed and making stupid mistakes and him laughing and saying 'there there, I'll protect you, don't worry your pretty little head'. A man who wants to preserve her innocence by keeping her sheltered from the world and laughing at her adorable ignorance. The film producer realizes how tawdry all the shiny baubles in his work and world are and is so happy to walk away and finally be free of the awful modern world, where they have so much but see and appreciate so little. It's certainly not the best romance I've ever read - try their other book, The Windflower for that. But in a genre famous for bad boy 'heroes' who are rapists, stalkers, and domestic violence cases wrapped in a bow and called romance and they expect you to somehow swallow that, turn your brain off when you read - this book has the ingenue.

Hollywood and Amish cultures clash together in the lyrical story of lust, love and redemption. The film set is located near Amish settlement.

Crede di non aver più nulla per cui vivere, di essere una pessima persona troppo cinica e pessimista per stare bene al mondo, finché, per caso, sul set del suo nuovo film che sta girando vicino a una riserva Amish non incontra una giovane vedova Amish, Susan Peachey che riesce a stupirlo. Susan è bella ma non sa di esserlo, ha un grande carisma ma lo ignora, in casa non possiede neppure uno specchio, è, innocente, eppure saggia in modi che Alan non riesce pienamente a comprendere, ma soprattutto ha una visione del mondo e della vita che è magica e sorprendente. E solo con la comparsa di Susan, il cui punto di vista si alterna a quello di Alan che il lettore acquista una visione più oggettiva della realtà e intuisce il vero carattere di Alan. Lei avrà una storia col fratello di Susan, Daniel, che sarà lunico altro uomo della sua vita a non considerarla solo un bel corpo, ma una bella persona.

I loved this book. But the only way for them to be together is for Susan to leave everything behind and live in Alan's world.

She is raised in a loving yet controlling family and is very moral and innocent I am not saying this well, forgive me. London's other books and will never part with them.

The heroine, Susan, is an Amish widow (Old Order) and the hero, Alan, is an extremely successful film director.

But I loved every minute, every page, every word of it. For a contemporary novel, it wasn't super dated (except there ARE a ton of Star Wars references).

there are many things that susan doesn't understand, having never experienced them, but she does understand the attraction that is burgeoning between herself and alan, and makes it clear that her community and her faith are important to her. the plain people community finds out about it, and susan is ex-communicated because she doesn't truly repent what she did with alan, because she loves him. i liked the fact that alan was the one to make the changes for susan, that he realized part of what he loved about her was dying without being in the type of community that she had grown up in.

The daughter of a petroleum geologist father and historian and magazine editor mother, Sharon was raised overseas and lived in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the Canary Islands, Turkey and Iran, and attended high school in London.

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  • Rating: 4.09
  • Pages: 341
  • Publish Date: October 1st 1986 by Bantam
  • Isbn10: 0553250477
  • Isbn13: 9780553250473