Star Prince

Star Prince

NOTE: Alternate cover edition for ASIN B00CQG3B8Y.He's sworn to uphold the rulesShe's hell-bent on breaking them Crown Prince Ian Hamilton fights to stay one step ahead of the schemers who dont want an Earth guy in line for the galactic throne.

A mission critical to galactic peace forces him to hire a cute but tough pixie of a pilot he cant help falling foruntil he discovers she is on the run from the very laws he pledged to uphold.

After learning to fly starships in secret, she flees the stifling rules of the palace for the wild frontier, and promptly gets hired by a man from Earth.

Soon, one Earth-born Harley riding prince, his rebellious alien princess pilot, and their motley starship crew may be all that stands between the galaxy and all-out war.WINNER Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence****** WINNER RT Reviewers Choice Award ***

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Fun book with a really great hero.

Tee'ah is a royal princess of Vash Nadah and expected to marry a royal prince and to live in seclusion. When his pilot dies he is forced to find another to take his place.

I liked this one - I liked Ian and I like Tee'ah, and I really liked the little side plot with Gann and Lara (please, please, please Ms Grant comment on this in the next one) and the good thing about Grant's books is that her 'second book in the trilogy' never feels like that.

Title: The Star Prince Series: Star Series Author: Susan Grant Designation: Book Two of Series, Full-length Standalone, NO Cliffhanger Genre: Science Fiction Romance My Rating: Five Divinely Entertaining Stars***** Oh my! Susan Grant has knocked it out of the park with The Star Prince, the second riveting release in her divinely entertaining Star Series, and she totally rocked my world - again! I love science fiction, adore action/adventure, and simply can not live without a daily infusion of romance, but when I find the perfect combination of all three in one great book, I'm in heaven! And fortunately for me, that's exactly what Susan Grant delivered with The Star Prince. As soon as I finished The Star King, I raced back to Amazon and discovered there were two more books available in the series, The Star Prince and The Star Princess. I'm very passionate about books and have been since I was only four years old sitting on my father's knee while he read me a story every night of my life. After reading the first book, I knew I'd hit the jackpot and Susan Grant claimed a spot among my top ten favorite Sci-Fi Romance writers. Now, after reading a second book, The Star Prince, I wish to amend my statement. I was totally smitten with the two protagonists, Ian Hamilton, the handsome highly moral heir apparent and human stepson of Vash Nadah King Rom B'kah, and beautiful pilot and feisty runaway Vash Nadah princess Tee'ah Dar. And once again, Grant gives us a perfect pairing of hero and heroine, both strong, courageous and loyal. I was immediately drawn into this story by Grant's relaxing, realistic style and after only the first few pages, I was once again glued to my chair, white knuckling my ereader with the pages flying as did the time, held captive and utterly enthralled with my heart fluttering wildly in my chest....and loved every single minute! Former Air Force fighter pilot Jasmine 'Jas' Hamilton has finally found happiness and made a whole new life for herself with her true love and husband, alien royal Rom B'kah, the King of the Vash Nadah. It's been seven years since their union and Rom has defied eleven thousand years of tradition, not only by taking Jas as his wife, but by also choosing Ian Hamilton, Jas' twenty-five year old human son by her first marriage, as his heir apparent, despite there being several eager genetically qualified young princes in line for the throne. She just never counted on losing her 'borrowed ship' and being forced to accept a job as a starpilot with the handsome Ian Stone, an intergalactic black market space trader, who may pose not only a dangerous threat to her newfound freedom but more importantly to her heart. The Star Prince is a well crafted, easy to follow, beautifully written, sexy sci-fi romp filled to the brim with heart-pounding action, spine-tingling adventure, heart-stopping danger, gripping drama, gut-wrenching angst, heated attraction, fiery passion, steamy sex and heartwarming romance.

This is a strong sequel to the first story.

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  • Rating: 3.92
  • Pages: 402
  • Publish Date: July 24th 2017 by Susan Grant