Letters of Two Brides

Letters of Two Brides

His large output of works, collectively entitled The Human Comedy (La Comedie Humaine), consists of 95 finished works (stories, novels and essays) and 48 unfinished works.

They are placed in a variety of settings, with characters reappearing in multiple stories.

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Louise, lives for love, passion, society, and glamour. She loves passionately, takes risks, attends social galas, and seems to love every minute of her dramatic life. This is a variant on the coming of age trope, and while the story is tragic, what really stands out is the bond between Renee and Louise. I love my books, and really, really get involved with them on occasion, prompting me to do Google searches or further reading if a topic interests me. In this case, I was a little afraid I might be completely out of my element, so I did a little research, and discovered some interesting facts about the book and the author, which was very helpful since I dont ordinarily read French novels, although it seems I may be the only person on the planet unfamiliar with Balzac. Although the story does end on a rather somber note, it does provoke thought and did indeed have me thinking about these two women, both of whom lived life on their own terms, for better or worse.

This is depicted rather objectively in the letters of each protagonist. a snide Goodreads reviewer in 2019 might scoff at such misogyny Theres a malice at play in the letters, each questions the utility of the others motives.

I don't need to like the people in my reading to like the novel, but in this case, one of the women was often lecturing the other on the way life should be led. Balzac can be depended upon for an ending filled with irony, often sadness.

. Balzac, kurgusu ve karakterlerin iç dünyalarn açkça paylamasyla (ve özellikle sonuyla!) keyifli bir okuma sunuyor.

Não se enganem pelo título: a história aqui narrada não é água com açúcar para mocinhas, mas sim um embate entre duas visões da vida e a narração das escolhas que cada uma das "jovens esposas" faz e suas respectivas consequências. De toda forma, o mundo balzaquiano está aqui apenas insinuado, seja na relação dúbia da mãe de Luísa com seu protegido, seja nas pressões que Renata sofre de sua família e da família de seu marido, dentre outras pequenas passagens que se entremostram de relance por trás das confissões e efusões de sentimentos e pensamentos das duas jovens esposas.

After six Chapters I downloaded this edition Letters of Two Brides translated by R. The book begins by dropping numerous names in society, government, and fashions in clothing and furnishings. In this book, he brilliantly explores two sides of every person: the rational vs. One represents the rational side of life and is concerned with duty while the other follows her passions even to the point of casting aside family, friends and society for passion.

His magnum opus was a sequence of almost 100 novels and plays collectively entitled La Comédie humaine, which presents a panorama of French life in the years after the fall of Napoléon Bonaparte in 1815. La Comédie Humaine reflects his real-life difficulties, and includes scenes from his own experience. Balzac suffered from health problems throughout his life, possibly due to his intense writing schedule.