Forbidden Enchantment

Forbidden Enchantment

But when she set off to Africa to find her missing brother, even she had trouble defending herself from the perilous embrace of construction engineer Kane Mallory--an arrogantly virile man, as dangerous as the jungle around them.Kane was the hardest, most ruth kind of male animal.

But Andrea was glad for his disturbing protection when a revolution broke out around them!

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The h is 24 and a tiny fairy tale moonbeam blonde who gets word that her older brother Kip has been injured on his big dam engineering project in Africa. So when no more news about Kip is forthcoming, the h thinks that gigantic construction companies may be good for dam building, but not anything else like actually rescuing their injured employees and preserving the sanity of worried relatives. There is a group of men there that look pretty happy to see her, but Kip isn't one of them and the h finds her self-confidence and her planned very severe lecture fleeing off into the forbidden jungle mists as a really large and extremely angry man approaches her and drags her off. Then the H backs off and claims that he is going back to Canada and that he and the h can never meet again - the reason is that the h tempts him too much for sanity and he is actually married and has been for the last 14 years. Eventually she tells Kip about her heartbreak and she is going to tell her other friend John, the chemist, because she can tell he is getting too serious about her and concerned too, because she is so love-sick that she is wasting away. Before she can make her big confession that she loves another man to John tho, he takes her out to dinner in a really nice restaurant and there at another table is the H, with a gorgeous brunette flashing big wedding rings at his side. The h is shattered, and even more shattered when she goes to meet John the next day at a coffee shop to end their friendship and the H is there too, with John's Doctoral professor, who drags John away and leaves the H to walk the h home. The h is furious with the H cause he is practically flaunting his wife around in her face and the H isn't very calm himself, because the h tells him that she is going to marry John - then she taunts the H that he told her to get herself a man when she got back from the jungle and she took his advice. Things go south fast when the H and the gorgeous brunette show up and John is really angry that the H would rub the h's face in his rejection and his wife. John and the h are flabbergasted, cause it really is awkward when you meet the wife of the man you are in love with - even if you didn't really do anything wrong. The h gets into her little car to leave, but the H shows up in a big Jaguar and the h panics and speeds off. John makes the H leave and the h is still really ill, but as she passes out again from her head injury, she has a little happiness in her heart cause the H loves her - even tho they will always be apart. She goes home to hang out with her now recovered brother and John seems to be getting about fine without her, so the h is now almost restored to her former self that so nearly faded away when she thought her love was unrequited. His wife was actually living with another man who wanted to marry her, but the wife wasn't sure what a divorce would do to the H, so it was a relief to everyone to get the divorce going and there were legal things, so it took the H a long time to get it finalized. The H rushed back to see the h, but then the car accident happened and he and John almost had a big fight and then Kip showed up and sorted everyone out. The rebels in Africa got defeated and Kip, who gets his own book in Jungle Enchantment,will head up the finishing of the big dam project.

The first half is an adventure story as the heroine goes to Africa to find her injured brother and ends up with a hunky hero and a walk through the jungle to escape from rebels. The second half is an angst fest as the heroine (and hero) try to go back to their everyday lives after a very intense experience. He's someone who thinks things through and his behavior in the second half of the books fits that aspect of his character. The angst in the second half comes from the hero keeping his plans to himself and a misunderstanding about what the heroine is doing with her life. Some people might not enjoy the misunderstanding in the second half, but it didn't go on that long and it fit both of their characters.

Kips an engineer with a dam building company, and Andrea has decided that the lack of progress updates is because dam builders are useless at both communicating and getting injured people to hospital, so shell have to do it herself. The second craziest bit is when he decides shes not appropriately dressed for a jungle hike so he gets her some child-sized khakis and makes her give him her bra. I wished Andrea had been rebellious over the bra thing, but since shed sensibly decided that her best bet in getting out of an environment she knew nothing about and was sensibly terrified of was to do what the only available expert told her to, I cant fault her. Kane just cant handle how much in love with Andrea he is, but hes got a big secret thats going to give her some heartbreak.

Basically, Andrea is a 24 year old history major who lives with her aunt and older cousin Kip. When the latter goes missing and she rushes to rescue him!

John added a little spice to the story and it served Kane well for being too sure of himself when he wud return into Andrea's life!