Almost Never

Almost Never

"Of my generation I most admire Daniel Sada, whose writing project seems to me the most daring."- Roberto BolañoThis Rabelaisian tale of lust and longing in the drier precincts of postwar Mexico introduces one of Latin Americas most admired writers to the English-speaking world.Demetrio Sordo is an agronomist who passes his days in a dull but remunerative job at a ranch near Oaxaca.

There he begins an all-consuming and, all things considered, perfectly satisfying relationship with a prostitute named Mireya.A letter from his mother interrupts Demetrios debauched idyll: she asks him to return home to northern Mexico to accompany her to a wedding in a small town on the edge of the desert.

Much to his mothers delight, he meets the beautiful and virginal Renata and quickly falls in lovea most proper kind of love.Back in Oaxaca, Demetrio is torn, the poor cad.

Naturally he tries to maintain both relationships, continuing to frolic with Mireya and beginning a chaste correspondence with Renata.

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Um livro cheio de humor, por vezes cínico (que muito me agrada) - com algumas cenas hilariantes -, e de sexo, no qual seguimos as andanças do agrónomo Demetrio, homem perdido entre o amor convencional e puritano e o recurso ao sexo pago, no México rural dos anos 40.

Algo que me gusta de Sada es su pasión por narrar, por narrar, además, con soltura y entrega, dedicándole todo lo que cree conveniente a la trama, pero hilando las raíces de la historia hacia caminos muy bien construidos, en todo momento los personajes responden a la naturaleza que les ha confiado su autor, y quien valiéndose de un narrador picaresco, pareciera que se asombra al mismo tiempo que el lector, de las broncas de cada uno, de los giros inesperados (o previstos) que puede seguir la historia. No es fácil leer a Sada, no es fácil porque le exige al lector tiempo, atención, y a veces, un buen diccionario a la mano, no es fácil, pero es la mar de disfrutable, y una de las prosas en español más fecunda que haya dado la segunda mitad del siglo XX.

perhaps like roberto bolaño before him, daniel sada may well be on his way to achieving posthumous fame amongst english-language readers of literary fiction in translation. almost never (casi nunca), the first of the late mexican writer's books to be translated into english, was awarded the prestigious herralde prize in 2008. out." set throughout mexico over a number of years in the late 1940s, sada's rousing novel is replete with lively, colorful characters. with another nine novels to his name, including the apparently-stunning masterpiece because it seems to be a lie, the truth is never known (porque parece mentira la verdad nunca se sabe), as well as several collections of short stories and poems, it is likely that english-speaking readers will have many sada translations to look forward to. with but a single work already rendered from the spanish (and described as his most accessible, at that), it is hard to form a true conception of this heralded mexican author. given the consistent acclaim from the likes of bolaño, carlos fuentes, and many others, however, as well as the prowess on display throughout almost never, it is of little wonder that daniel sada was regarded as one of the most important spanish-language writers of his generation.

Taking off from the epigraph of this book I had the following conversation in Emir Never's non-review here at goodreads: "Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly: 'Of my generation I most admire Daniel Sada, whose writing project seems to me the most daring.' Roberto Bolaño "In a Playboy interview it went like this: "Playboy: What Mexican writer do you deeply admire? "Bolano: Of my generation I admire Sada, whose goals seem the most daring to me... Even after Emir Never had read the book he remained clueless.

La donna che forse aspettava un figlio da lui e che si smarrì nella confusione di una notte x; era la stessa donna che appariva nei suoi sogni e si prendeva gioco di lui, dicendogli: Povero imbecille, non sai cosa ti sei perso, l'amore in tutte le sue varianti: sesso ma soprattutto comprensione e tenerezza infinita.

I know Sada is viewed as a major writer in Spanish, even in Spain, but since I read the novel (his only one translated into English), in English, I am not sure I got to see his use of language; in fact, I am sure I didn't.

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