Healing the Inner Self: From Darkness Into Light

Healing the Inner Self: From Darkness Into Light

This energy puts one into a mode of living that produces health, happiness, and success.Negative experiences attract negative energy, or in other words darkness.

This energy puts one into a mode of living that produces bad health, depression, self-defeating attitudes, and failure.This book will help one understand this phenomenon and teach one how to find the darkness, release it and replace it with light.

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I wrote a review on my blog: I received a call from Mel Fish the other day. I just finished re-reading Healing the Inner Self, The Power of Unconditional Love, Become a Being of Light and The Search for Light and Truth. My Facebook friends know that almost immediately after I published that post, I began to suffer from the worst migraine headaches of my life. I ask the Lord to bless people all the time when I learn of something they said or did that helps me. Worse, because there are people out there who prefer darkness to light, they invoke the power of Satan to enforce their curse, asking him to send devils or demons to make it stick. Generic Priesthood Blessings At the end of my conversation with Mel, I asked him to check to see if I had been under attack. I asked for and received blessings while suffering through the migraines but I did not say anything about the attacks from the devils. After telling us how he got started in his search for spiritual healing he discusses the greatest power in the Universe the Light of Christ as well as the opposite force of darkness The Darkness of Satan or the Dark Force. Mel teaches early in the book how everything including thought and emotion is made of energy. In chapter six Mel teaches us about the Atonement and shares some marvelous insights about how it relates to light and darkness. There is a marvelous chapter on the law of attraction filled with examples from life that explains in great detail how we either attract darkness or light unto ourselves. I have read a lot of self-help and self-healing books in my life. Mels teachings on the power of visualization are the best I have ever read. You would think this would be a no-brainer, but Mel throws a curve ball in there with his thoughts addressing the question: Is Life a Test? Im sure youve heard or read that this life is meant to be hard because otherwise it wouldnt be a real test, now would it? The rest of the book focuses on specific tools and techniques for identifying and healing darkness. I did not receive my initial training from Mel, but it has been my experience that great relief can be achieved through one-hour sessions using tools described in his book to question the spirit about what is needed. The Definitive Textbook I had been looking for a book like this when I was first introduced to the idea that we can ask questions of and receive answers from our own intelligence or spirit about our past, especially for our healing. Mel is much more qualified to write this book than I ever would have been. His are those of someone with every-day, clinical experiences in helping people heal their inner self. In case its not obvious, I highly recommend this book for those who are serious about learning how to find and heal hidden spiritual / emotional distress in your life. Some will not know what to do with it if you do not intend to learn the basic tool of discovery muscle testing on yourself. If youve read Mels autobiography, you know he served his Mission in Taiwan and has studied much of the oriental culture, using the good that he found in his healing practice. Finally, I want to mention Mels latest book, Become a Being of Light. Mel even asked me on the phone the other day that if I bring the book up to be sure to let people know that this addressees possibilities and what ifs. I dont think I have ever met a man more unassuming, humble, Christ-like and loving in all my years in the church. If you suffer from unwanted and unresolved hidden stress, let Mel help you as a facilitator in bringing about the deep healing your soul wants and needs.

He relates a woman channeling spirits to tell him what an amazing person he is, standing as it were just next to Christ, but at the same time says he is humble.

There are parts of this book that were hard to read because of the subject material, but it is a fact that we live in the latter days where darkness is real and has influenced many people.

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