Night Magic

Night Magic

"Under the bed," she managed to squeak out, wondering why in the world they wanted her old gray Persian cat, Puff...When they went to look, Clara escaped out into the darkness and right into the strong arms of a magnificent stranger -- a man as sensual and exciting as the perfect lover she described in her books, but had never found in real life.

He was CIA agent Jack McClain, code-named "Magic Dragon," a man running for his life and taking Clara and Puff with him into a wild spill of hair-raising adventure, deadly espionage...

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One of my old favs from the 80's, Night Magic features an almost washed up super spy and a plucky romance novelist thrust together because of the big bad Soviets- that's Russians for the youngin's. The book opens with Jack daringly escaping the bad guys- with the help of dolphins oddly enough- and making his way to a hospital. They come together when the bad guys, believing that Jack is her boyfriend because of a dedication in one of her previous novels, break into her house and threaten her life. ::srsly thought some hot stuff there for the age of this novel:: There is also a scene where the bad guys torture her to get Jack to talk that stuck with me as much as anything in this book because of the way the author "went there" which, believe me, NOBODY did in romance novels back then.

Big bad KGB agents, a ladylike heroine sexually restrained till she met our intrepid hero and of course the obligatory sex on the run scene whilst being pursued by the above mentioned KGB agents!

When I picked this book up I wasn't really too excited about the whole KGB angle but Robards is my favorite author so I said what the hell....

It doesn't have the polish and solid romance that her later books have. The book focuses mostly on the character of Clara, a romance writer who suddenly finds her life in danger because some Russian bad guys think she knows where CIA agent Jack McClain is hiding. And like most "on-the-run" type romance stories, the two end up having sex and later professing their feelings. If you're a Robards fan, like me, it's something worth reading.

I guess this was what women expected back in this day, a hot man who treated her like crap one minute, then kissing them the next to show that they do have a heart, and going right back to the cocky as*hole who put her down, no matter what she did. Jack degraded her, used her, emotionally abused her, and this was acceptable as romance once upon a time, whereas today, women know that it's not right to let a man talk down to them like that. It's hurtful to hear the man you like tell you that you could stand to lose ten pounds, not because he's trying to motivate you to be healthy, but simply so you can look better because you don't match up to what he liked in his women. He taunts her for not being at his physical level for cruel amusement, he gets annoyed that she cares about her cat too much to leave him behind, he lashes out in anger to motivate her, he makes her feel insecure by comparing her to thinner and prettier women and his own former girlfriends, he confuses her by kissing her and pushing her away, he expects her to be a fit and tough soldier when she's a writer who's never had to be on the run to stay alive. I initially liked how Clara could insult him right back but after they kissed the first time and it disappointed me that she didn't push him away because of all the things he said to her and how he treated her, I lost some respect for her and it just went all the way downhill from there. If a man treats the woman who cares for him like crap because he gets some sort of twisted amusement out of it, that is where I draw the line.

Same sexist comments from hero about liking big tits and a round ass.

This book was a roller-coaster ride of fun and hair-raising non-stop action. John and Clare couldnt be more different but when forced to depend on each other to save their lives during a chase through the wilderness, white water rafting, car chases and helicopter rides they rise to the occasion and learn to trust each other.

Karen Robards is the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of more than fifty books and one novella.

  • English

  • Romance

  • Rating: 3.80
  • Pages: 373
  • Publish Date: July 1st 2003 by Grand Central Publishing
  • Isbn10: 0446692484
  • Isbn13: 9780446692489