Le square

Le square

The brief encounter, in a public park, of a 20-year-old girl and a somewhat older travelling salesman.

Maybe we are witnessing the birth of a love.

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I didn't plan it this way but Wikipedia tells me that The Square was the next novel that Duras published after the last one I read, Whole Days in the Trees. Again, I'm not surprised as, in a very general way, both texts deal with marginal characters attempting--and here I have a kind of political reading of these very personal stories that both novels recount--why some people from proper bourgeois families choose or fall into what appear to be marginal lives--marginality, in a capitalist culture, can only mean either poverty or some sort of day-to-day existance without all of the bourgeois or middle-class trappings of the steady job that both provides and includes the dreaded saving up for a rainy day.

Written near exclusively in dialogue, stitched together by sparse lines of poetic prose, The Square takes as its subject a conversation between an aging man and a young woman, both of the working class.

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Marguerite's father fell ill soon after their arrival, and returned to France, where he died. The difficult life that the family experienced during this period was highly influential on Marguerite's later work. Duras's early novels were fairly conventional in form (their 'romanticism' was criticised by fellow writer Raymond Queneau); however, with Moderato Cantabile she became more experimental, paring down her texts to give ever-increasing importance to what was not said. Marguerite's adult life was somewhat difficult, despite her success as a writer, and she was known for her periods of alcoholism.

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