A Peep Behind the Scenes

A Peep Behind the Scenes

Behind many smiling faces there hides a hurting heart, and for what may appear to be glamorous, there is usually a high price to pay.

In her fabricated world of glamour and glitz, Rosalie finds solace in the words of a gentle old man who gives her a picture of a Shepherd who loves and cares for her.

This profound century-old story is still relevant in todays entertainment-enmeshed culture.

Often, hidden behind smiling faces are hurting hearts, and that which is attractive and alluring may be a facade, concealing the hard reality of life behind the scenes.

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I don't think I could ever stop loving this book.

A Peep Behind the Scenes is a historical fiction book I've owned for some time now. A Peep Behind the Scenes follows the life of a young girl named Rosalie, who is the Child of an Actress. Though of her life is awful, and no one is there for her, she still rests on the truth of the character of God instilled in her by her mother. One of the ideas the book rests on is looking at God as the Shepard who is calling us home. Lamplighter was introduced to me because my parents would read the books out loud to us every night.

It has death of parents in the book and my kids are very sensitive to that, so I will be praying for God to guide me to the appropriate time to read this to them..krb 9/7/15 Gave the audio to Ellie for Easter. She then gave it to Jacob to listen to and he rates it 4 stars.

Also one of my favorite characters ended up dying in the end of the book for no reason.

Twelve year Rosalie Joyce lives with her father Augustus and mother Norah, but they have no fixed abode. While at a fair in one town, a gentle old man gives the girl a picture of a Shepherd who loves and cares for her, so she and her mother begin reading about the Shepherd in the Bible, and Norah says that if something ever happens to her, Rosalie is to find her sister, Lucy Leslie, who married a minister. In 1877, A Peep Behind The Scenes was published. Although she wrote many more books, it is A Peep Behind the Scenes and Christie's Old Organ that have remained well known. From Rosalies peep behind the scenes, she learns, and the reader will also learn, that we must not trust outward appearances, that there is no real joy in anything of this world, and that the only way of true happiness is found in keeping near the Good Shepherd.

Her mother has taken ill and her Father, who runs the traveling theatre show is a very hard man, who is only interested in making as much profit as he can. Soon Rosalie and her mother are learning the love Jesus has for them and that no matter how lost, he will always find you. The book also shares the love of Jesus in a non condemning way even though sometimes i felt the messages were a little bit too much and could have been a bit subtler.

It is sad but sweet and full of beautiful, Christian messages. All the glitter and show of the theater loses it's beauty in Rosalie's eyes, but as her sad life turns from bad to worse, she nestles herself a little deeper in her Good Shepherd's arms and trusts him patiently.

Rosalie's mother tells her about The Good Shepherd and how He seeks to find His lost sheep. While Rosalie's father continues to follow one scheme after another Rosalie and her mother learn more about The Good Shepherd. Along their travels Rosalie tells other people about The Good Shepherd. Both Rosalie and her mother pray that The Good Shepherd will find them before it is too late.

Lamplighter Theatre only increases my love for their Christ-like stories! I give the Lamplighter Theatre audio's my stamp of approval!

  • Fiction

  • Rating: 4.30
  • Pages: 264
  • Publish Date: January 1st 2004 by Lamplighter Publishing
  • Isbn10: 1584740035
  • Isbn13: 9781584740032