Secret Passion

Secret Passion

Secret Passion by Carole Mortimer released on Feb 23, 1988 is available now for purchase.

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There is also the matter of her going out with the evil landlord business partner, she really doesn't want to confess that she too has dated a taken man. One night while the h is on her way to dinner at the H's place, evil landlord guy shows up and threatens her with the termination of the lease unless he gets his quid pro quo. Mrs. Evil seems really adamant about the h attending this party tho. The H explains that he doesn't want to go either, it turns out that Mrs. Evil was the woman who cheated on him and he broke their engagement so she had to marry his business partner. He goes to the anniversary party every year, even tho is is High Society and he doesn't like that set, in order to alleviate rumors that he is still in love with Mrs. Evil - he totally isn't and doesn't like her much either. The h is concerned, she thinks the H really needs to go for the sake of the business partnership, but the other family involved in the h's big scandal frequents those same circles and she doesn't want a scene. The big party happens and it soon becomes clear that Mrs. Evil is a malicious viper and still in love with the H, even tho he can't stand her. The h knows her time is up and she agrees to do it, but she also tells Mrs. Evil that the H won't touch her with a ten foot pole, irregardless of how much she thinks the H wants her and no matter how many times she knows her husband has cheated on her. The H tells her he isn't shocked, he figures daughters have a right to be present at their father's death and what would be unusual about a dad visiting his kid and then having a heart attack and passing away in her bed. The h's mum has always been a bit fragile and the father did not want to subject her to the hounds of the press. The h explains about Mrs. Evil's threats and the H says he will put a stop to her right away, he also tells the h that he is dissolving the partnership between him and Mr. Evil because he figured out that Mr. Evil had been trying to coerce the h with threats about the lease when she rejected his advances and the H figures he may have tried it on before. The H refuses to be in business with slime like that and Mr. and Mrs. Evil can just go off an be miserable together and quit bothering the nice people. The half sister is the pregnant woman from the party and the h doesn't want her upsetting her mum, the woman has been calling her on the phone repeatedly and the h told her not to, but she showed up anyway. The h's half sister explains that she and her brother figured out that the h was their sister and she wanted to meet to the h's mum cause her father loved her. (Which was really pushy of her, and rude I thought.) The sister also tells the h that her mother ( the estranged wife,) threatened to not let the dad see his kids if he tried to divorce her, even tho the marriage was dead for years. The sister tells the h that even her brother wants to meet her and accept her into the family, the h looks just like their grandmother, but they understand that it would hurt the h's mum too much. The big wedding day arrives and the h is shocked when the man who gives her away turns out to be the estranged half brother at the last minute, with the h's half sister and grandmother there too. ( I did NOT APPROVE here, cause he called her the Tart of Babylon in the press and made things ten time worse, now he and his sister and the grandmother are imposing themselves on the h's very private, happy wedding day and it was too jarring but CM was going for the really big HEA and page count was limited.) The h and H are joyously married and then Mrs. Evil has her last act by siccing the press the on the H and h after the ceremony. The estranged wife had died a few weeks earlier, so all the good people can be happy together in one big family.

Though I DID want to slap the hero for involving heroine's SOB of a half brother in the wedding who called the heroine rather unforgivable name. This guy completely failed at jumping to wrong conclusions or calling the heroine "whore/slut/tart/tease" and all other generic terms.

He plays Scrabble with the heroines delicate and fey mother, and saves the cat. Cant beat Boogenhagens review, but my problems with the heroine and her inability to communicate to her awesome hero drove me crazy. (view spoiler) She had every opportunity regarding his sleazy partner that she dated, not knowing he was married, to tell the hero. When she finds out that the woman who betrayed him is married to the partner that wanted to blackmail her into sex .nothing.

Such a BEAUTIFUL love story of trust and love between our traumatized heroine Aura and heart-stealing hero James.

Such as; a dead man in Aura's bed, a old scandal, some family members that Aura had nothing to do with, not to mention the fact that Seline who is Adrian's wife was still deeply in love with James.

  • English

  • Romance

  • Rating: 3.62
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: February 23rd 1988 by Harlequin Books
  • Isbn10: 0373110693
  • Isbn13: 9780373110698