The Wilde Side

The Wilde Side

The last thing the stunning good girl wants for her 30th birthday is another boring set-up with a stuffed shirt interested more in analyzing her portfolio than in making her crazy with desire.

Thats the thought ricocheting around construction company owner Scott Wildes brainand other partsas he tries very hard to keep his hands off the stunning creature who has just asked him to be her birthday present.

But Scott is totally unprepared for the sparks that fly between themor the way that raw passion leads to an exciting, clandestine affair and something much deeper.

Ashley may be running scared, but Scotts got stamina.

When he wants something badly, hell pull out all the stops to get itand hes determined to show Ashley just how delicious a lifetime of passion can be if shes willing to take a walk on the Wilde side with him

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One of the things I really liked about this book was that it talked a lot about family expectations and preconceived notions.

This book got off to such a good start and then stalled out completely.

But Ashley is just trying to avoid the scandal if it got out that she'd been having an affair with a guy she picked up in a bar. And the author does a really great job of conveying Scott's hurt, anger and frustration at the situation - and I gotta admit that every time he lashes out at Ashley, it is so definitely deserved. But I struggled to like Ashley BECAUSE she was being selfish and callous and she didn't really learn her lesson until kinda too late in the book for me to change my mind. For me, she didn't think about Scott and his feelings enough, so I still struggled to like her.

The three brothers on one side of the family have already found their HEAs in the previous stories, so this book is the first to feature the other group of Wilde siblings, three brothers and a younger sister. We begin with Scott, who I believe is the oldest, paired with hotel heiress, Ashley St. Claire who was briefly introduced in the novella, All She Wants for Christmas. Things get started between them with a steamy one-night stand, but Scott quickly realizes he wants much more from Ashley who is a bit gun-shy after a relationship gone bad. Scott meets a mysterious woman at his favorite bar who tempts him beyond belief, and not knowing that shes a St. Claire, he agrees to a one-night stand with her. I liked that hes more into relationships and isnt really a one-night stand kind of guy. What I really liked about Scott is that hes more than ready for marriage and kids, providing he can find the right woman, and once hes convinced thats Ashley, he takes a step back from all the hot sex and pulls out all the stops to woo her. I liked that Ashley was a confident woman who wasnt afraid to go after what she wanted, and although she was resisting the idea of commitment, like all of Janelle Denisons other heroines Ive read to date, she wasnt being too hard-core about it. I liked Scott and Ashley really well, and their story was well-written. Theres a good look at Scotts sister, Mia, and her love interest, Cameron, who will appear in the next full-length novel, Too Wilde to Tame.

I would have to agree with many of the previous reviews, this was the most boring story of the Wilde Series. I thought the book was too long and would have worked better as a short story or even novella. By page 3, I realized Ashley was the woman who helped Matthew pick out items for Faith in the third installment of this series, "All She Wants For Christmas." I was pleasantly surprised that she was the female lead in this book. If this would have been a short story, another off shot could have been Ashley's sister Madison and her husband.

Denison has written better and much more interesting heroine in earlier books. All of this doesn't really leave a lot of space for the main couple : Ashley and Scott to grow on the reader and develop a storyline that is interesting and fun.

Although to warn the weak at heart, this book was so full of sex, I'm surprised it had room for the story! It is ironic that I hate books with so much added fluff and so many characters, because it gets distracting from the real story.

This one is about Scott Wilde and Ashley St. Claire.

(view spoiler) Didn't see it coming that James was actually a decent guy just down on his luck, was please with him not being some predictable blackmailer bad guy.

It wasnt an ideal schedule for newlyweds, and in order to pass those hours when I was alone I started reading romances, and eventually tried my hand at writing them. It took me five years and dozens of rejections to make my first sale, which was to Harlequin for their Stolen Moments line. Another two years passed of collecting even more rejections before I finally sold to Harlequin Romance and Harlequin Temptation. At the time, writing for both Temptation and Harlequin Romance provided me with a wonderful creative outlet for both my modern, ultra-sexy stories, and my warmer, traditional romances.

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  • Rating: 4.07
  • Pages: 336
  • Publish Date: July 1st 2005 by Kensington Publishing Corporation
  • Isbn10: 0758203624
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