Ultimate Galactus Trilogy

Ultimate Galactus Trilogy

This deluxe hardcover collects the entire Ultimate Galactus trilogy -- Ultimate Nightmare, Ultimate Secret and Ultimate Extinction -- plus extras.

Cape Canaveral scientist Philip Lawson, secretly a Kree soldier assigned to a mission on our planet, knows of the hideous plan and will use all his considerable power to stop it...

the power of Captain Mahr Vehl!

And finally, in Ultimate Extinction, it's time for the coming of Gah Lak Tus!

Not even the power of S.H.I.E.L.D. or the brilliance of Fantastic Four leader Reed Richards seems able to stop its inexorable march to Earth.

And who on Earth is Misty Knight and how does she know the fate of our world may rest with -- Ultimate Silver Surfer?

Collects Ultimate Nightmare #1-5, Ultimate Secret #1-4, Ultimate Extinction #1-5.

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But what they find speaks of an unprecedented danger to Earth - an unstoppable force in the universe known only as the world eater, Gah Lak Tus. Warren Ellis writes what is probably the best Ultimates storyline printed yet. Mark Millar and John Romita Jnr create the one shot issue "Ultimate Vision" which sets up the final book "Ultimate Extinction" nicely, introducing the age old space messenger Vision and explaining Galactus before he begins approaching Earth. Of course Galactus is stopped but how he's stopped is brilliant, using all of the main Marvel superheroes in a concerted effort to defeat the world eater once and for all. I've been a fan of Warren Ellis' for years but he really went the distance with this book, pulling out all the stops to tell the best Ultimates story that's ever been published.

This collection is a great example of the strengths of the Ultimate Universe line of comics. Readers interested in checking out this collection should be familiar with the history of the Ultimate Universe preceding it, but they don't have to know anything about any other comics.

What made it fun was to see how characters from Marvel I know and love were reintroduced in weird ways. this is the Ultimate version of Vision!", they could have called it anything because the only thing it shared in common with the Marvel version of the Vision was the name and it was a robot. There was a lot of greatness in the story - first thing that comes to mind is how Ellis weaves in the characters together but allows them to retain their personalities - the X-Men are odd outsiders, the Fantastic Four are gifted but have a conscious, and the Avengers are the fighters who don't mind killing to get the job done.

The extra fourth is Vision giving information about Galatus, and the final story is the battle with Galactus itself. The finale, however, ultimately disappoints. The Silver Surfer, who appears as the herald of Galactus, is an incredibly disappointing character in the context of the Ultimate universe, and whilst the story does tick a lot of boxes, it does feel a little rushed by the end (which makes sense, as it was originally six issues, and not five).

Ultimate Galactus addresses this, bringing in not only the Fantastic Four, Avengers (or Ultimates as they are called in this universe) and the X-Men but also the Kree superhero Captain Marvel, Vision, and even, oddly enough, Misty Knight. The concept of Galactus is brilliantly and frighteningly reimagined here and draws just enough on the iconographic source material to satisfy the old fans while bringing it up to date (that purple suit with the big "G" just had to go!) It should be noted that the movie version of the Galactus story (Fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer) takes some influences from Ultimate Galactus but failed to pull it off.

Ultimate Nightmare was my favorite because of how dark that it was. A very good start to the trilogy.

So, the story went from a crossover to trilogy and Warren Ellis reused the plot from one of his cancelled comics (concerning the apocalypse) as fill-in.

IRON MAN 3 is based on his Marvel Comics graphic novel IRON MAN: EXTREMIS. Warren Ellis is currently working on a non-fiction book about the future of the city for Farrar Giroux Straus.