The Diplomat's Wife

The Diplomat's Wife

How have I been lucky enough to come here, to be alive, when so many others are not?

Surviving the brutality of a Nazi prison camp, Marta Nederman is lucky to have escaped with her life.

But their plans to meet in London are dashed when Paul's plane crashes.Devastated and pregnant, Marta marries Simon, a caring British diplomat, and glimpses the joy that home and family can bring.

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Love the ending but my heart broke as you learned the outcome of the character from the first book.

In The Kommandant we meet Marta as a young, naive girl in the ghetto, friend of Emma's. But once Emma was snuck out and started her life with Krysia, Marta changed. When we saw her later in that book she was cold, distant, and rather judgemental towards Emma, which annoyed the hell out of me. Buuuuuuut when I saw it followed Marta instead of Emma I won't lie. So this book picks up after Marta was captured by the Nazis on the bridge. Then her struggle to get to England I thought was also a bit interesting, seeing what France was like post-war (something I've never read about before), but again, it wasn't really enthralling like the first book. The initial romance felt super forced and rushed, and so I didn't really like it. But I can say I do like how everything is wrapped up at the end, which I'll get to later. Once Marta gets to England she finds out she's pregnant, which in those days was highly scandalous & heavily judged, so I totally understand her agreeing to marry fast without too many questions asked. And it all just comes off rather creepy, and even Marta is quite ready to excuse herself and announce she's engaged. So that was a meh part of the story on Marta's part. Marrying Marta was just a cover to deflect any suspicion since he looked like a respectable family man this way (hide spoiler)

Her ne kadar ikinci kitabn ilki okunmadan okunabileceini örensem de yine de eksik bir eyler olmaz diye umut ediyordum. Okuduunuz çou gelime boa yazlm gibi geliyor çünkü kitabn arka kapanda Paul'un tam evlenme karar aldklarndan sonra bindii uçan dümesi sonucu öldüünü okuyoruz. Yani kitabn arka kapa aslnda ilk yüz sayfada yaananlarn ar bir hüzne varacann habercisi niteliinde. Paul'un bebeiyle ne yapacan bilemeyen ve üzüntüden kahrolan Marta ise ksa bir süre sonra ona i teklifinin ardndan evlenme teklifi eden diplomat Simon ile evleniyor. Buraya kadar her ey detayl bir anlatma sahipken Simon ve Marta'nn evliliinin geçen iki senesi neredeyse birkaç paragrafa sdrlyor.

This book is getting a perfect seven star rating from me. I've owned this book within my personal library for some time and I'm kicking myself for not having read it sooner. This is the ultimate fiction book. I was even so happy to see a particular character I at one point even put the book down and kicked my feet for several minutes out of extreme excitement! Yes, I most definitely will read more books by this author. Bravo to the book. Bravo to a happy ending to my reading challenge.

Marta is soon put in an Austrian refugee camp so that she can recover from her injuries and she soon meets up with the dashing American soldier that rescued her.

The Diplomats Wife is a sequel to The Kommandants Girl, but the novel follows the life of Marta, a supporting character in the life of Emma.

My friend, Henry and I chose this book strictly because we loved the cover. WARNING: So, you have to just " read and enjoy" this book. If you analyze the situations, actions of the characters, the coincidences, and the time lines, you just might close the book while exclaiming,"No Way." HOWEVER, don't analyze.

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