Sunrise in the West

Sunrise in the West

Two brothers, the sons of a Welsh prince, locked in enmity: David, the younger and his father's chosen heir; and Griffith, the illegitimate son.

By Welsh law, both are entitled to an equal share of the inheritance.

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When I am reading a Edith Pargeter book you best not interrupt me. It isn't that I would get violent with you, or swear at you or throw your biscuit across the room, but there is a very good chance that I will not answer your phone call, read your text, respond to your soft tap or give you an answer on that coffee. One of my favourite historical fiction books is A Bloody Field By Shrewsbury, also by this author, who is better known for writing the Brother Cadfael series under the name Ellis Peters. I don't have much time for the Cadfael series, but when it comes to her non-mystery historical fiction novels I have all the time in the world. Of course, I acknowledge there are historical fiction authors currently writing that are very skilful, with a style all their own, it is just that Pargeter is unique in a way that has no modern comparison. I think you will be incompatible with the writing style. And any non-speedreading self respecting fans of historical fiction or medieval novels should make sure they get to it.

Edith Pargeter did a fine job of introducing the lives of the Welch princes of old and their blood connections to English kings, but I have decided not to pursue books 2, 3 & 4.

The history of Wales at this time still reverberates today. Next time I visit the beautiful arched ruin of Strata Florida I shall imagine that first assembly of a United Wales!

It's an interesting book, clearly very well-researched.

There are four titles within the new Sourcebooks release on Edith Pargeter's The Brothers of Gwynedd, and Sourcebooks is promoting it with a Summer Reading Group between bloggers and any virtual visitors that would like to join in. He gives us details about his life and his relationships to the brothers of Gwynedd and who they are in relation to Wales. Brothers against brothers, and England against Wales is what the story is about. I did enjoy it when it became more personal, and the relationships that the narrator, Samson, had with those around him were what saved the story for me.

During this time she started writing seriously for publication while gathering useful information on medicines that she would draw upon later when tackling crime stories. During the war she worked in an administrative role with the Women's Royal Navy Service in Liverpool, a relatively brief period away from Shropshire, and for her devotion to duty she received the British Empire Medal. The name "Ellis Peters" was adopted by Edith Pargeter to clearly mark a division between her mystery stories and her other work. She won awards for her writing from both the British Crime Writers Association and the Mystery Writers of America.