Not Fade Away

Not Fade Away

Gastin has a change of heart and takes off in the car, heading for Texas where the Bopper is buried.

Armed with a thousand hits of Benzedrine and chased by adversaries real and imagined, Gastin navigates a road trip that covers many miles and states of mind.

As the miles and sleep hours roll by, Gastin's trip becomes a blur of fantasy and reality fueled by a soundtrack of classic rock 'n' roll.

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Ella sabe que Jim Dodge es uno de mis escritores favoritos. Una nueva novela de Jim Dodge?

The basic core of it is a guy totals his car and is picked up in the tow truck of the mysterious Floorboard George who tells him the story of how he once tried to deliver a present to the big Bopper, from one if his biggest fans.

Uno de los mejores libros que he leĆ­do en mi vida.

update at the page-77 mark, 25 jan 13 yeah so the prologue is told eye-narrator p.o.v. doesn't say, as yet, who that eye-narrator is...but he has trouble making a meeting at the kozy korner kitchen in monte rio w/jack strauss from napa. this eye-narrator lives deep in the coastal hills of sonoma county and after crashing his '66 ford pickup, george gastin--who spoke the words above--stops and lends him a hand, tow-truck driver...and it is george who tells the eye-narrator about his pilgrimage and that begins: part one: floorboard george: coast to coast & gone again w/this quote: "it is good to know that glasses are to drink from. time place scene setting(s) *deep in the coastal hills of coastal sonoma, eye-narrator's home *his '66 ford pickup *kozy korner kitchen in monte rio...where the meeting was to be *the chuckston's place *itchman's garage in guerneville...or bailey's *tow-truck..."the ghost" on the door *anchor bay to albion *seaview *redding...where roger armature built george's truck to spec *tolan flat *october of '56, george went to san francisco at eighteen years old *his apt above an italian bakery, north beach/san francisco *cravetti's shop/garage *san francisco street names: broadway, mission, folsom, lombard *jackson cafe *gino & carlo's *p. is almost 21 *february 1, 1959, 2 days before 21st birthday of george *1st car, a merc parked just off folsom *hwy 1 up above jenner (russian river) north on 101, 116 thru sebastopol to guerneville *lombard street shell station pay phone *the bay bridge...oakland...580...past san leandro....99/bakersfield, 58/barstow....247/yucca valley...62 to i-10...modesto/95 *fresno library *bakersfield, a texaco station *barstow, a gas-n-go ($8 to fill up a cadillac eldorado...yeeesh!) *a drive-in joint down the road *bradley's burger pit, barstow *indio for arizona border *a long stretch of empty hwy about 5 miles out of quartzite, arizona *trailer in quartzite, arizona characters & other things *eye-narrator of the prologue, the mesologue, & the epilogue *jack strauss from napa *eye-narrator of the telling, george gastin, born & raised near miami, florida, only boy of three children, the youngest. it doesn't say, one way or another...his poetry, a true attempt to forge the real by creating facsimiles of the fraudulently real *big red loco, a mulatto cat (see?) w/rusty red hair, can play the sax like no other, verily *lou jones--loose lou *freddie cravetti, old man cravetti's son & swing-shift garage manager *scumball johnson...wreck a car and walk away w/$400 *"mercury falling"...tune by big red *a woman sitting alone at a corner table *a black bass player named bottom *katherine celeste jonasrad, 19-yr-old, takes off her clothes, walks out *her father, the largest medical supply company in pennsylvania *her mother, a frustrated novelist *buddy holly, ritchie valens, & the big bopper, jiles perry richardson, from sabine pass, texas, mouth of the red river on border w/louisiana *a trooper...ticket *matt stoker/advice *a gas station attendant...a tall sharp-boned librarian *bobby, the relief for the attendant, a chubby red-haired kid *mr hoffer, owner of the station *natalie hurley (and her man)...322 bryant street *allen pound..."lsd" opine *w/a psychiatrist in berkeley *a tiny orange man maybe 3" tall, naked, puzzle piece *donna walsh, a figure walking east on the shoulder *her two boys, allard 7 and danny 6, warren husband, air force germany *the uncle's trailer in quartzite, arizona a sentence i like he was obviously lost in something, but, though i hated to interrupt, it didn't seem wise to hang around appreciating the sonic clarity of a new mercury meeting ancient stone in the middle of a felony.

In all those years I only met one other person who had read this book and loved the tale of George the Ghost Gaston and Rock & Roll redemption as much as me.

He has been the director of the Creative Writing program in the English Department at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California since 1995.

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  • Rating: 3.99
  • Pages: 304
  • Publish Date: September 17th 1998 by Grove Press
  • Isbn10: 0802135846
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