We Beat the Street: How a Friendship Pact Led to Success

We Beat the Street: How a Friendship Pact Led to Success

Growing up on the rough streets of Newark, New Jersey, Rameck, George, and Sampson could easily have followed their childhood friends into drug dealing, gangs, and prison.But when a presentation at their school made the three boys aware of the opportunities available to them in the medical and dental professions, they made a pact among themselves that they would become doctors. It took a lot of determinationand a lot of support from one anotherbut despite all the hardships along the way, the three succeeded.Retold with the help of an award-winning author, this younger adaptation of the adult hit novel The Pact is a hard-hitting, powerful, and inspirational book that will speak to young readers everywhere.

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Three boys named Rameck, Sampson, and George all lived in the hood. When they were kids they had been around kids that thought being smart was stupid, and being a runner (run for older people to sell drugs across town) was the right thing to when they got older. People around him thought the same thing about being smart, it was stupid. He liked his teacher because she took them places and she understood what he was in and knew he was smart kid. George was in the car going back home and he told him mom that he wanted to be a dentist when he got older. He had an older brother and he was going out to hang out with his friends one afternoon, Sampson told him to take him or hell tell mom and hell get grounded. The thing was close to about 180 pounds and when Sampson and his brother tried to lift it, they couldnt. Sampson got to sit in his mothers bed and watch T.V for days while his brother had to do all of the different chores by himself. The three of them went to all different elementary and middle schools for the time when they were younger, but there was a high school that accepted kids that were good and that were really smart two years before, in seventh grade, Sampson and George made it when they were in seventh, but Rameck made it later when they were suppose too, in ninth grade. One day when the three boys were walking down the hall Rameck saw a boy with a bottle of silly string and took it and went up to the teacher that was giving him a hard time. Ramecks, Georges, and Sampsons attitude changed after that and they all planned to go to Seton Hall after a guy talked to them and said that it was a very cheap college and they could get what they wanted from school from there. Close to the end of school the three boys got accepted to Seton Hall and they went to become doctors. But when Sampson saw his he didnt like where it was and he thought about his childhood, he looked on the internet and saw that his home town had a position that he could be an emergency doctor.

Some of the things they did were serious (like beating a homeless man almost to death), but each time they were able to find a way out of trouble. I know the hard work they put into their schooling, and that is precisely what the students (as we read this school-wide) needed to know.

This book inspired me becauseI want to be a doctor when I grow up, and if three black kids from the hood could graduate top of their highschool class, and go to med school, then so can I!

Without the support of one another, they each would probably not have accomplished their dreams and most likely would have just became another nameless victim of the streets where each of them grew up.

I really liked this book because it was very inspirational. The authors (Sampson Davis, Rameck Hunt, and George Jenkins) provide each of their experiences from their own point of view before and after they met up in high school. Overall, this book is a good read if you are interested in an inspiring story.

The three of these friends go on many adventures some that become life changing like drugs, fighting with gangs, and getting to their dream this appealed to me because of their common goal to become successful and get out their neighborhood .

I really like how real this book is, how these guys were ordinary people, they made mistakes but despite it all they kept going. The only thing I would say that I don't like is the style of the book. All in all this book is a must read. After reading the book and knowing it was true it gives you all the more hope. This book really shows anything is possible.

I think that this story was very inspiring because the the way that they started was very bad, but then in the future they showed that making good choices lead to a better future. Im not expecting to read more about the authors books (Sampson Davis) because im more into sports and adventures in the outside world, im not saying its a bad book but i think people should read this book if they want to get inspired by three friends that made good choices.

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