Bewitched, Betrayed, Enraptured...Jessamine Stone's brother would marry her off to a covetous boor to salvage an impoverished estate.

But Jessamine can love only Christian Haukingethe handsome lord to whom she was once betrothed.

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I LOVE a good vengeful hero story and was very excited to listen to this. However, the hero has to have a good reason to feel vengeful toward the heroine (even if it's all a pack of lies). I'm still not quite sure what Christian's reason was. He had taken the bribe to break the heroine's heart and he had financially ruined her father. Sounds like Jessamine had all the reasons to be vengeful. I also wish Christian had had to do something more to make up for being such a jerk - some groveling or making a sacrifice or something to win back the heroine's trust.

I was really hooked from the beginning because I absolutely liked Christian and his back-story to why he was willing to ruin Jessamine and take her brothers money. It was really at the beginning of the story when she couldnt open her dang mouth to speak the truth against her scheming brother and tell Christian she loved him when he had said it to her. So now Christian thinks her a harlot for playing him because shes supposedly engaged to this 50 year old dude (who stole Jess from Christian 6 years ago when he lost his title to his ash of a brother by proclaiming him a bastard) and so Christian ruins Jess by asking if she liked their scandalous liaison under the oak tree a couple of days ago She deserved that for not opening her mouth and being stupid! I knew Christian was a.privateer of a sort from the beginning and a revolutionist so I knew something was going to be focused around this part of the story but it was just so different. It went from a revenged filled love story to a pirate smuggler revolutionist story on the run from the law! But he was just trying to teach Jess a lesson in listening to him, he does tell the truth you know, but she just wont listen because she thought he played her with the bet he did with her brother so hes not worth trusting. Ill say it was one of those love-hate relationships and every time they did it it was just plain and simple anger sex! But one thing I absolutely hated was that their whole relationship problem was easily solved at once with the fact that Jess finally told Christian she loved him. It was just sounbelievable to me that their whole love-hate relationship could be fixed just like that! Plus the whole story could have been easily solved with Jess opening her mouth and telling Christian she loved him!

And even somewhat into the second portion. I wasn't too keen on Christian, especially during the second half of the book. Unfortunately, I found that the second half of the book was somewhat of a disappointment. But the bedroom scenes were way too long and involved, in my opinion.

Kissed is one of those books that I find annoying and enjoyable at the same time. If that was all that was going on, I would have given this book 2 stars.

I go back and forth on my star rating decision This is a standalone, happily ever after love story, second in the Redeemable Rogues series.

With a setting not often depicted in books, Kissed sets itself apart from other historical reads and keeps you immersed in its emotional ups and downs and guessing until the final page due to its numerous twists and turns. Her undying love and support though is what Christian needs to pull him out of the darkness towards a hard fought but immensely satisfying HEA. Along with a satisfying romance comes numerous twists and turns where no one is as they appear.

I absolutely love reading a real good Avon romance! Perfect Historical Romance plot of a virgin, courting gone wrong and a pirate who can't keep his hands of the woman he once lost. Gimme a tall, dark and handsome pirate with bad case of lust and love for our heroine!

She has been featured in magazines, such as People, Romantic Times and Publishers Weekly, and her books have been translated into eight languages.