Snake and Lizard

Snake and Lizard

but inseparable friends.

Snake is elegant.

the two friends bicker.

end up as lifelong friends.There is something the matter with your voice.Ga-runch!

said Snake.

Lizard said.

and he gave Snake a mighty slap on her back.

The frog shot out of Snake s mouth.

it hopped away.My supper!

cried Snake.

That was my supper!

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With one little sentence Ive given you the impression that the book Im about to discuss is a hardscrabble tale of animals fighting it out amongst one another in the wild. A collection of small, sweet little tales this book is a series of bedtime stories ideal for the literary child. Snake and Lizard are friends and have been for some time. In a series of fifteen short stories, Snake and Lizard encounter bad moods, discuss ancient legends, and eventually come up with a business that suits their own individual talents well. Generally, it is rare to find early chapter stories like Snake and Lizard that involve animal protagonists where the two creatures are of opposite genders. When I first saw Snake and Lizard I assumed that it would be similar to another early chapter book import of short animal related stories called Sheep and Goat by Marleen Westera. Each two-page spread has at least one and sometimes two of these little jolts of hue and the endpapers (an amalgamation of different animal and insect characters that appear in these stories) are practically worth the price of the book alone. For a book that was originally published in New Zealand, Bishop almost seems like hes hedging his bets when it comes to certain illustrations.

The book would be a great read-aloud for primary-aged children, in bits and chapters. The stories inside deal with the friendship of Snake and Lizard, who live in a desert and have not-so-remarkable adventures, which is not to say the book is boring.

That was my supper!" I hope you enjoy this book if you read it!

Gr. 1 4 Each chapter in this slim book is another story about two close, if somewhat mismatched, friends. This episode ends well, with Snake inviting Lizard to sun himself next to her and the two chatting up a storm, but the initial conflict sets the stage for many more to come. The illustration that accompanies that last line of the story shows the white, black, and orangey-red Snake coiled peacefully on the ground, each of the nine eggs visible as a lump along her body. Snake and Lizards friendship illustrates that it is not necessary to always agree but friends should know how to disagree with kindness.

Friends: Snake and Lizard: Short stories that teach while being fun and without being preachy! And when they explain the life-cycle (humorous and informative at the same time) You can see examples of the word play and humor here from the book: The suspicions became so real in Lizards head, they were like memories " What is the difference between a flea and a snake? It is both, one hundred percent, said Lizard." In Summary: Delightful word play and colorful illustrations make this book a wonderful read while teaching lessons of friendship and nature.

Friends Snake & Lizard by Joy Cowley, illustrated by Gavin Bishop is a sequel to Snake and Lizard. This quirky chapter book for younger readers has 17 chapters about the two unlikely friends. For readers 6 to 9, animals, lizards, snakes, friends, desert themes, and fans of Joy Cowley and Gavin Bishop.

This book shows friendship that is not about being the same person as a friend, but instead to embrace the differences of others.

The book emphasizes that even the most different of creatures can be friends. Snake and Lizard are two very different reptiles.

Frog & Toad succeeded because the vocabulary of the story was accessible to very early readers while retaining that droll sense of humor.

Joy has contributed many stories, plays, and poems to New Zealand's School Journal, as far back as the 1960s and as recently as 2010.

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