When Stoneybrook is paralyzed by a massive blizzard, Dawn and her mother get stranded at the airport, Jessi is snowed in at her dance school, and Kristy's boyfriend gets stuck overnight at her house. Claudia, Mary Anne and Mallory are all baby-sitting, but no one has heard from Stacey--could she be trapped somewhere on the way back from the mall?

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a snowstorm is predicted for stonybrook, but the weathercasters have been predicting snow for weeks & not a flake has descended on our fair town, where parents permit 13-year-olds to raise their children. there is a science to meteorology, & mistakes happen, but i find it dubious that the weather people are predicting all this snow & everyone in stonybrook is like, "pfft. the perkins parents are driving out to the country to have dinner with friends, & they hire claudia to watch their perfect children. jessi of course has a super-important ballet rehearsal in which she has a ludicrously large role for her age, & she is at her dance school, awaiting the arrival of her boyfriend from NYC (because eleven-year-olds have boyfriends). dawn & her mom are trapped at the airport & jeff's flight is re-routed to DC (dawn also makes the acquaintance of a baby--seriously, all these parents are lucky that their children meet the babysitters club & not, like, child snatchers). & jessi is trapped at her dance school with all the other kids, including little children, of course, which jessi calms with her magical eleven-year-old babysitting ways. nothing happens except for a lot of snow, & the babysitters are still convinced that the whole town of stonybrook is thirsting for news of their hijinks...& they are probably not wrong, because this whole town seems designed to cater to these girls' every whim. the schafers' barn, which was widely considered a death trap in book #9, is now safe for children of all ages!

character plotlines: -kristy: bart gets stuck at her house overnight. -mary anne and mallory: were supposed to sit for the pikes overnight anyway, but the overnight turns longer than expected and they start to run really low on food. his plane gets rerouted (arriving the next day) and dawn and her mom stay in the airport overnight. really the most boring and pointless story (considering the mary anne and mal baby-sitting story is already in here). -jessi: gets stuck at her dance school overnight. jessi and quint essentially baby-sit the younger kids because the adult ballet teachers apparently hate kids. -the second time jessi will ever hang out with quint (meaning the few days they saw each other in new york), he is staying with her. by the tin can voices -- I love bsc band names so much), but vivaldi's four seasons plays because stacey's mom swapped the tapes. -while stuck in the car, stacey asks her mom what made her fall in love with her dad. I love these types of things in kids' books, since I definitely thought adults were perfect. claudia outfit (for the dance): -"I'd bought this black velvet knicker outfit and was going to wear it with a lot of silver jewelry, including snowflake earrings." everyone's dates to the dance: -kristy: bart -mary anne: logan (obvs) -mallory: ben hobart -stacey: austin bentley -dawn: price irving -claudia: iri mitsuhashi -jessi: quint no snacks in claudia's room.

The author also touches on themes of divorce (Stacey asking her mom randomly why she married her father - it shows that the recent divorce still weighs heavily on her mind), racism (Kristy normally states that "Mal is white and Jessi is black, but we don't care"), puppy love, parental issues (like Mary Anne's father giving her a bit more space, and Claudia's parents loving her and caring about her despite the "disappointment" she perceives them as having for her).

This event is a blizzard that hits Stonybrook, CT, catching every one of the babysitters off-guard.

But it was still fun to read about their little adventures, and it was nice to see that their parents helped out - both Mary Anne and Claudia's parents popped round to see if they were managing on their own.

There are lots of funny moments in this one mainly cause these little kids are saying the funniest things.

I always wanted an excuse to eat all the ice cream in a power outage like Mallory and Mary Anne.

After graduating from Smith College, Ann became a teacher and then an editor of children's books. She's now a full-time writer. Sometimes Ann names her characters after people she knows, and other times she simply chooses names that she likes. Some of her favorite authors at that time were Lewis Carroll, P.