Shattered Reality

Shattered Reality

we need to open our eyes to child sexual assault and help put a stop to this silent epidemic.

The sexual abuse of a child creates a devastating family crisis.

Parents want to know what to do and say to help their child but they also want to know how to respond to and heal their own emotional turmoil.

As a parent, you need to know it's okay and natural to act with disbelief and denial.

I thought I could trust my family members.

As a parent, I couldn't find help for ME...what to expect on this journey with my daughter and her recovery.

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I knew those feelings and honestly got a little frustrated while I read thinking like her daughter..."I was the victim, not you! Perhaps if a book like this was out 15+ years ago for parents, teachers, and friends who knew a loved one who was suffering, the help needed for the victim would have been more readily available and case's wouldn't be so hard to reach justice. Thank you Kimberly for writing your story and thank you to your daughter for sharing so that others who are impacted know they are not alone, they are not to blame, it can happen to anyone by anyone, and help is out there for them.

Child sexual assault is one of the horrific silent epidemics that is hurting children all over the world. The high jump in child abuse statistics shows the importance of youth rights by showing cases of frightening lack of knowledge!! The saddest fact about Child Sexual Assault is the lack of knowledge and education that still exists on the subject. The very ones we trust and love and children need to know its okay to tell and we will believe. Traditional sexual abuse programs refer to themselves as prevention programs, and by doing so, set the expectation that children can and should stop sexual abuse. The only people who can prevent abuse are the perpetrators. Society doesnt expect children to prevent, or even stop, physical abuse. So, why do we expect children to prevent, or even stop, sexual abuse? While it is unfair to EXPECT children to prevent or stop physical or sexual abuse, it is also unfair to fail to provide them with information, skills and an environment of openness that may help them to avoid, stop or tell about abusive experiences. Once Again Thank you all for making Shattered Reality a success a winning book, helping other parents understand the effects sexual assault has on entire families and hopefully one day with many voices making a change in our legal system when it comes to educating prosecutors, judges, juries, advocates about the mindset, the fragility, the special needs of our small victims when it comes time to prosecute offenders. For worksheets click HERE: For Additional Information click HERE: Readers of Shattered Reality will: * Realize a deeper understanding on the effects of child abuse not only on the victim but on the family * Learn that hope is always within reach and others who have been there that can help * Discover how surviving abuse (even as a parent/caregiver or family member)can become personal strength. Shattered Reality is the true story of a mother who finds out a beloved uncle has been sexually abusing her daughter. Even though I am fortunate enough not to have been sexually abused, I know what it is like to have something happen in your life and want to run and be able to find answers to it- and now. The true story of the way the "justice system" runs in America for those who are victims of sexual abuse is enough to make you outraged. Cheryl gives parents of children who have been sexually abused a book to help them process what has happened to their child and their family, a book to tell them they are not alone in their journey, and a book that opens the door to, what I can only hope, are many more resources on sexual abuse in the future. Their story needs to be shared with others and there are a vast number of resources in the book to help those who are being/have been/might know someone who has been sexually abused. I want to share two quotes here that stood out to me while reading this book. *It is important to note that while the subject matter is about sexual abuse, Cheryl does not go into great detail and specifics as far as the sexual part goes.* "One evening we (daughter and mother) were sitting on the lawn picking flowers and pulling the petals off until they were gone, and all that was left was the yellow-gold circle; dimmer than the white in the natural light left from the day, but still visible. In "Shattered Reality," Cheryl pours emotion into her words, giving us enough detail to feel her and her daughter's pain without giving undue attention to the acts themselves. I had planned to read this book in another month or two, after finishing a project, but I found myself flipping through the pages, unable to pull myself away from this candid, painful, yet ultimately insightful account. Cheryl has opened her heart to share her own family's story. "Shattered Reality" is not only an honest and easy-to-read account, it contains a wealth of helpful resources at the end.

It did highlight some things i already knew through education and treating victims of abuse. I. too, understand their protocol, but the thought of my daughter if she had been abuse, would be forced to be interviewed by the police without any support from me, is again heart-breaking.

I wanted to give it a five when started and soon realized the writing was more a three but settled on a four because the story is something that needs to be shared.

After a school career that included years of failed chemistry classes that began too early in the morning (a professed night owl). And, for 18 years, traveled, taught, trained and led a sales team full-time as a pharmaceutical representative with 3 of the top Pharmaceutical Corporations in the U.S. Born into a family of readers, Kimberly had never known a time that she wasn't reading or making up stories. She is also a Nationally Certified Rape/ Aggression/ Defense Trainer (RAD).

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