Space Stories

Space Stories

A collection of over 20 exciting space stories written for children.

Some are set on a future earth, some in our solar system and some on worlds far away.

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Having been lucky enough to be in possession of a plane, unlike most people, Lon managed to ensure safety for himself and his wife after fleeing an attack by what initially seems to be an alien race. The aliens were relentless, and they wanted to exterminate all living creatures in the planet. Wollheim (1953) The premise is that of a ghost story in space. In fact, the character Chief Braun in this short story claims to be a descendant from Eva Braun herself I especially liked the way this short story incorporates the historical figure of Hitler, which from its perspective happened 200 years before its events. He certainly is one lucky ghost, considering that who must be the only direct descendant of Hitler happened to visit that particular asteroid from the thousands of millions that exist in any star system. However, it remains a bold and witty undertaking by the author Wollheim, albeit being way too far-fetched even for a ghost story of this kind. A chance encounter with an alien race meant that these two androids were reactivated. They did not rust like the others for their room remained intact and, therefore, that particular planets atmosphere (with a high oxygen level) did not oxidize them consequently. A chance encounter with a derelict alien space vessel was of little interest to him, initially. The alien Star Ship was technologically superior to what the human race had invented thus far. Maybe Jan is the slave, and not Khambee All in all, this is a witty story (which explores the master-slave dynamic) that is a cut above from some of the others. You see, this is about a certain Robert Armstrong who disregarded an old mans warning about a terrifying monster on an alien planet as nothing more than superstition or a misunderstanding. Now it happens that Armstrongs Space-Tractor broke on the way to Port Sanderson, on this alien planet. Maybe the old man was not so barmy after all Witty and subtle, Clark certainly does not disappoint. Indeed after a staged fight between two men to decide who gets Miss Taylor under the laws of natural selection, an alien race failed to distinguish the humans from other animals and captured them for 'experimental purposes'. The captured humans then needed to convince the aliens that they were rational human beings and not animals, but with what? It was only when the humans managed to capture a native rat-like creature, after the incessant disdain of Miss Taylor, that they convinced the aliens of their rationality. What I did not like about it is that the aliens, in my opinion, could have discovered the humans rationality earlier and through other means as well. Having discovered an ancient temple in this star system, the expedition uncovered the means to open its entrance. The point of this story is that violence or hostility makes alien and rational man indistinguishable from each other. However, I think that this story is biased in the sense that even though a lot of aliens and men soldiers, including their Deathdroids, were dying, the author's main concern was that Commander Keel was destroying huge chunks of sculptured stone with his Smartgun. He traveled far across the galaxy, on his space cruiser, to find the ideal planet, his Paradise, unencumbered and untainted by mankind, with all their greed, misery and violence. It was ancient by the looks of it, and it may have represented a long extinct alien race. Alternatively titled The Unpicker, this short story concerns Leo and Bruce, who were sent to survey the alien planet. Short story shorter, the premise is that the invisible monster; an electromagnetic entity, annihilated the planets native populations for it did not hear their pleas for mercy or of anguish. 4/5 13) In the Picture By Stephen Baxter (1996) A particular alien planet's entire landscape was discovered by a team of planetary explorers to be 'artificial', an optical illusion. Nothing was 'natural', indeed the planet was like walking in a 'holovid', where everything is staged... 4/5 16) Status Extinct By Eric Brown (1996) A space cadet goes exploring an ice planet on her own. However, she manages to break her leg, and the result is that she is stranded and left to die out in the frozen wastelands of that particular alien planet. Well, this is reality for the characters in this short story. Generation after generation has been born and bred in space, in an interstellar quest to find life on other planets. No such planets are ever found, but they do find an ominous, derelict alien space-ship. Whether they are enslaved by an alien race or their own race to ease a particularly long space journey remains to be seen. Long story short, the two teammates acted like children... 4/5 (I ran out of available characters, only marks will be given from now on) 20) Whooo-ooo Flupper By Nicholas Fisk (1986) 3.75/5 21) The Space Butterflies By Stephen Baxter 3.5/5 22) The Bells of Acheron By E.C. Tubb 3.75/5 23) Thoughts that Kill By John Russell Fearn (1939) 3.75/5 24) The Chosen By Samantha Lee (1977) 4.25/5 25) The Dead Planet By Edmond Hamilton (1946) 4.25/5 (The last two short stories were two of the best)

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