Mackenzie's Mountain

Mackenzie's Mountain

A small Wyoming town is about to learn a few ons from a new schoolteacher with the courage to win the heart of a man who swore he had nothing to give....Mary Elizabeth Potter is a self-appointed spinster with no illusions about love.

But she is a good teacher and she wants Wolf Mackenzie's son back in school.

But prim-and-proper Mary Elizabeth Potter doesn't see Wolf as the dangerous half-breed the town has branded him.

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It's old school romance, with an OTT alpha hero, and I adore it.

How they all behave, the story, Indian in the mountain and spinster teacher in small town fall in love, while the town hates him, plus being his cottage in the mountains, training horses and just everything :D I saw cars being mentioned and that made me remember it's set in present day, even after 50% of the book ahahahhahahahahha I have to say I loved Wolf. I enjoyed the book, I really did, Wolf was swoony and Mary was a nice female lead, I guess it was the story.

Half of this book is about discrimination against Native Americans but the author does nothing except make it worse by describing the only 2 characters that are Native Americans as having "primitive" emotions, flying into rages, being "warriors" and referring to them having sex as "mating". Mary (somehow I feel like this is Biblical reference which would be entirely on par for this book because she saves the "savage" but I'm not going to get in too deep with that) is a schoolteacher that moves from Savannah to the mountains of Wyoming to teach in the small local school. Mary makes her way up the mountain where the boy lives with his father to find out why he was no longer going to school. Wolf is basically treated like he is only one step away from full caveman. So much of this book is focused on Wolf's sexual nature and how he wants to be all nasty with this perfect innocent woman. There is no excuse for a modern woman to be surprised by a guy getting rock steady if he is literally stripping you down in his living room (remember the hypothermia?) Then we get into the townspeople who hate Wolf and Joe, partially because they are Native American. They basically treat these people as savages so, in turn, Joe and Wolf isolate themselves from town and make themselves even more of outsides. The way that the author portrayed Wolf and Joe. She literally calls them "half-breeds" throughout the entire book. She threw back her head, shrieking with laughter, and suddenly Wolf felt his entire body clench with desire." "He'd get Mary up on the mountain one way or another. Joe felt a deep primitive anger, and knew it was only a fraction of what Wolf felt." It's just so...terrible. This book honestly sounds like a grandmother wrote it, dreaming about some time she went out west on vacation and met a Native American man at a tourist trap and dreamed that he had fallen madly in love with her. WE DO NOT NEED A FUCKING DICK BEFORE WE ARE CONSIDERED TO BE A WOMAN. And the slut shaming in this book. Women who flirt with men are called sluts and whores in this book. Wolf is so possessive of Mary and her sexuality that he stashes her off on a mountain and basically is bumping uglies with her every chance that he gets. So fuck this book and any of the ones that came after it.

She is however clichéd with thoughts like this one; "Only shameless hussies would wear a skirt without a proper petticoat underneath" Yes she also speaks like shes from the 1900s and her character seemed stranger to me still when I realized it was meant to be 1989 (dont know many people that wore petticoats then) Anyways Mary is concerned that one of her better students has quit school and goes to his home to find out why where she meets Wolf Mackenzie and this is when I started to get offended and these are the authors words Not mine. Wolf feels his son doesnt need schooling because hes an Indian (cringe) Now after all the racist remarks which I somewhat forgave because I thought it was a historical this is when Joe, the heroes son suddenly declares that he wants to join the Air Force academy and fly jets. Mary then decides to tutor Joe and feels that even though (cringe) hes a half breed he still has a pretty good chance of getting into the Air Force. Now I could go on and on about all my issues with this silly/strange/offensive story but because its also such a reader favourite (Im assuming with historical romance fans) I will also say that Wolf is a fantastic, sexy alpha hero and as annoying and clichéd as Mary is they still manage to share some steamy love scenes together.

This is a book to read when you are feeling jaded about romance novels.

Mary meets half-breed rancher Wolf when she goes to his house to find out why his son Joe quit school.

Cierto que la trama de suspense es bastante predecible, pero lo que de verdad importa es la historia de amor de Wolf MacKenzie, un mestizo mitad escocés, mitad indio (la mezcla te prende fuego a los bajos desde el minuto uno) y ese maravilloso personaje que es Mary Elizabeth Potter, con su dedo de profesora, su carácter combativo y sus ocurrencias, que me han divertido un montón.

There are a couple older books (hello, purple prose!) that are very close to my heart that others read for the first time in this day and age and they don't find it as great as me.

"Are you one of those women's libbers?" *hold on one second, while I actually drop to the ground so I can roll on the floor with laughter* While taking into account how old the book was, and trying to squint past some of the worst of it, I liked Mackenzie's Mountain okay. I kind of liked how the woman in this story was the pursuer. I also kind of liked how the story started with the woman getting stranded in the snow, making it so she needed to be rescued.

I read this book in one sitting - which means I stayed up all night - so I'm a little delirious right now. I'm glad that I didn't toss Linda Howard overboard after reading "Sarah's Child" (hero sucked) and "Cry No More"(way too depressing), but it was at least 5 years until I tried her again. Now, having read "After the Night", The Touch of Fire" and "Mackenzie's Mountain", I'm clamoring for more, more, more.

Howington is an American best-selling romance author writing under the pseudonym Linda Howard.