Stacey McGill, Super Sitter

Stacey McGill, Super Sitter

Sitting for the Cheplins seems like a dream job to Stacey.

As long as she's being paid so much, she doesn't mind peeling potatoes or licking stamps.There's only one hitch: Being a super sitter takes up a lot of time and energy.

Because of the Cheplins, Stacey is late for BSC meetings and has to bail out on plans with her mother, her boyfriend Robert, and her best friend, Claudia.Stacey's going to make a small fortune as a super sitter.

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stacey tells her boyfriend, robert, that she's going to new york city to visit her father soon. kristy relents & stacey merrily makes an appointment to meet mrs. she has to be on time meeting dana & adam on their school bus every single day, she'll have to help them with their homework, mrs. cheplin has some chores she would like the sitter to take care of every day, & plus, dana has just been diagnosed with diabetes. cheplin doesn't trust a 13-year-old to be able to take care of dana's medical needs. but of course stacey jumps in & explains that she is very punctual & responsible, she can handle a little housework, she's in honors math & won't have any trouble helping the kids with their homework, & she has diabetes herself & will be able to take good care of dana. cheplin relents & signs stacey up for a week trial period. cheplin adds a few more tasks to stacey's chore list. cheplin gets home, but the pay (twice stacey's usual wages) make it kind of worthwhile. cheplin says she is impressed & would like to try stacey out for another two weeks. when the plumber comes, he has to shut off the water to look at the pipes, & stacey doesn't have time to start dinner as mrs. cheplin comes home while the plumber is in the basement, & all she sees is a huge mess of tools & plumping grime & no dinner started. cheplin doesn't believe her until the plumber comes back in & says, "i had to turn off the water, sorry." mrs. meanwhile, stacey notices that dana claims to feel sick & shaky every time she is asked to do something she'd rather not do. the job with the cheplins is taking its toll on stacey's life. but she keeps thinking about all the money she is making & what a great time she & robert will have in the city. when they get home, stacey gets started on her monster chore list. stacey gets back to the cheplins' house with the kids mere moments before mrs. cheplin apologizes profusely & offers stacey another two-week trial period for even more pay. she asks her mom & her mom says she doesn't want stacey to be a workaholic like her father. he comes by with a valentine's day gift & stacey realizes she forgot all about valentine's day because she's been so busy with the cheplin job. he says that if it's so important to stacey that he give new york a try, he'll do it, & she doesn't need to bribe him with broadway tickets. stacey agrees & calls mrs. she explains that it's not fair to the kids to have their sitter run ragged with tons of chores, & that the job is taking time away from her friends, family, schoolwork, & health. cheplin find an older sitter with more time to dedicate to the job, & says the babysitters club will fill in until that happens--but no more housework.

As she makes more money, Stacey keeps upping the grandiosity of the thing she wants to buy. She gets to a point where she's daydreaming about keeping the job for years and buying a car. After they learn the error of their ways, the kids come together to create a romantic dinner experience for Logan and Mary Anne. For a series about a business, money doesnt come up all that often in the BSC books, and its interesting and realistic to see a club member wrestle with its power--especially Stacey, with her familys complicated relationship to the stuff. The values of working hard and doing your best are usually promoted in kid-business stories - and that's right, most of the time - but this book shows the dark side and how that desire for the gold star can be used to exploit you. I think this is a super important lesson to learn, especially for kids/teens/young adults navigating their first jobs or internships. When Stacey begins a long story to explain why she was too busy helping the kids with the Mary Anne and Logan thing to get him anything for Valentine's Day, he says, I want to hear about it, but later. You seemed so touched that Logan was buying Mary Anne a ring. Junior year of college is a great time to get a job, internship, or co-op that takes over your life, complete with the boss who alternately showers you with carrot & stick to keep you giving and giving.

I think this is the last leg of my BSC nostalgia trip.

cheplin, who is concerned that stacey is too young to care for her kids, since she had been intending to hire a high school student. cheplin leaves for stacey are inappropriately long for someone who should be focused on babysitting kids, but stacey works super hard to accomplish them -- partly because she needs the money, but also partly because she wants to prove herself to mrs. dana, the kid with diabetes, is just as emotionally manipulative as her mom: when she doesnt like something her friends say or do, she pretends shes feeling ill because of her diabetes. cheplin extends the trial period instead of telling stacey she will hire her indefinitely. some bsc kids see them and think theyre two-timing mary anne, so they start harassing kristy and logan. -the kids who are mad at kristy for what they perceive as her dating logan call her "crusty toenails" (kristy thomas) -at one point staceys mom tells her she's turning into a workaholic like her dad. -the scene where the bsc kids make up for canceling logan and mary annes fancy dinner reservation by cooking them dinner, and the effect it has on stacey, who has been stuck only sitting the cheplins for weeks. cheplin says, "obviously, you don't have the maturity required for this job." keep in mind that she had wanted to hire a high school student, not an adult who was going to do this as their full time job. Her silky, long black hair was tied back with a matching tie-dyed scrunchy." stacey outfits: -"After I pulled on a pair of blue leggings and a long, bright pink sweater, I sat on the end of my bed and put on my new black leather ankle boots...A pair of big hoop earrings finished the look." -"I dressed in jeans and a thick red sweater, tied my hair back in a red scrunchy, and headed downstairs." mean poems the kids write for kristy and logan: crusty is a girl we know she looks like pinocchio when she comes down the street you can smell her dirty feet when she runs around the house she looks like a scrawny mouse crusty's clothes are never clean she's ugly and she's really mean logan is no friend of mine he looks just like frankenstein when he comes down the street you can smell his dirty feet logan is a dirty bum and he is a great big crumb snacks in claudias room: -peanut m&ms (n.s.)

Some of the kids find out about and thinks Logan is two-timing Maryanne so they start leaving him and Kristy all kinds of hate mail. And if it's like that and her job is that demanding then (and clearly she has the money to spare) hire a sitter AND a house-keeper. As far as Dana, using her diabetes as an excuse when she can't get her way, it falls sour with me because I am diabetic and when people throw that up to me and say something like "I'm so sorry you have diabetes but." It strikes a nerve with me because even though it's been years since I've had it I don't think I've ever used that to be treated any differently or used it as a crutch. Then there was the Valentine stuff (which skipping over my personal cringe-worthy reaction whenever I see this "holiday" that should be wiped clean off the calendar and dictionary )which I guess was kinda cute that the kids were quick to hop to Maryanne's defense.

Stacey è la mia baby-sitter preferita e forse per questo tendo a dare ai suoi libri più stelline che agli altri.

I loved this series growing up and wanted to start my own babysitting business with friends.

K. Ron gets all bent out of shape because Stace is gonna be tied up with one sitting job for a while.

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