Into the Dark

Into the Dark

Paulette Fox refuses to let her blindness stop her from living a full life. But one thing she's never done is fall in love - until now. Paulette knows Brad Jones is the only guy for her.

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But Brad and Paulette hit it off...right as someone starts stalking her. I really liked Paulette as a character and I enjoyed the originality of the tale.

Moral of the Story: If your sweet and caring boyfriend starts acting really weird and robbing places, it's probably just his evil twin. It's one of those where the writer tries so hard to make the friends of the protagonist look politically correct that the actual protagonist (in this case, Paulette) ends up looking like he/she is uncomfortable in his/her own skin. We begin with Paulette's friend Jonathan driving her to her piano lesson. As they are walking inside they are stopped by Brad Jones who has seen Paulette around Shadyside and wants to get to know her. Paulette and Brad have lunch together the next day, and she completely ignores the weird phone call. Brad lets Paulette touch his face so she can get a mental image of what he looks like. in an old abandoned house on Fear Street. Paulette and her best friend Cindy leave school that day to go to Paulette's house and study. That doesn't happen so much when Cindy tells Paulette that her room has been vandalized! Paulette runs her fingers over the words that read, "You will be dead, blind girl!" Now, remember in the last book I recapped (Homecoming Queen) how those kids may have been stupid too but they actually called the police? Sure don't want to miss a call from a guy who plays piano in an abandoned house on Fear Street! Paulette doesn't think so, and at this point she's become just a wee too trusting of Brad. Brad wants Paulette to join her at the abandoned Fear Street house to listen to him play piano. If you were stupid enough to go to Fear Street you should just let Jonathan rescue you already. Well, that's the end of Brad for a while, because he just acts shady at school the next day and then tells Paulette he can never see her again. Paulette, Jonathan, and Cindy head to Pete's Pizza and the place gets held up in a robbery! But Paulette knows his voice and smell, and she is POSITIVE that it's not Brad. Brad is weak and at that abandoned house on Fear Street again. Paulette finally thinks of calling the police to get help for Brad, but he refuses. Paulette is a lovesick crackhead, and so she goes over to Fear Street right away without telling anyone else or calling the police. She finds Brad there and he tells her that Ed is about to come after them, so they have to tie him up. The Actual Suspect(s): Ed Jones, Brad's evil twin brother

The main character, Paulette, is blind and hates the fact that people treat her like a little kid.

It was a different and good breath of fresh air to see someone who wasnt perfect as a protagonist in a Fear Street book. Because I dont really have any experience with blind people I dont know how accurate a representation Paulette was but I can say while reading her blindness posed a different perspective to the world in the book. Of course, like all good Fear Street books it was silly as hell with a lot of suspension of disbelief needed to get through the plot (mainly to do with Brad but if youre even half paying attention youll know whats going on long before its revealed in the story).

Sure, she still spends a ridiculous amount of time making stupid decisions and then choosing the wrong things to panic about, but she's fairly capable, very strong willed and doesn't let her friends make her decisions for her.

Even when her friends see Brad commit a horrible crime, Paulette is sure that hes innocent.

This was a reread of Into The Dark. I absolutely loved the writing and the terror.

Stine, who is often called the Stephen King of children's literature, is the author of dozens of popular horror fiction novellas, including the books in the Goosebumps, Rotten School, Mostly Ghostly, The Nightmare Room and Fear Street series.