The Backwoods

The Backwoods

A hideous evil stalks the backwoods of a small town, leaving fear and bodies in its wake.

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Well, this is allegedly a horror novel and not one mildly horrifying thing happened in the first 100 pages. It read more like a late night movie on Cinemax than a horror novel.

This was not the amazing, twisted Edward Lee book I imagined it would be. The ony thing that kept this book from being a one star review was the writing. It was pretty decent most of the time, with the exception of some strange narrative intrusions here and there.

----- 2.5 stars I had been looking forward to trying an Edward Lee book, but I'm not too sure that I selected the right one. I thought for sure that it would get my lowest rating, but the ending was satisfying enough to enable me to round up to a solid three stars. The story really wasn't that bad. Patricia White returns to her childhood home in Agan's Point after her sister's husband is freakishly murdered. I think I'll try another Edward Lee book at some point, but not any time soon.

Im not sure that weve all read the same book, because our leading character spends the majority of the book fantasizing and playing with herself then there are the multiple rapes, including the rapes of children (thank goodness he didnt go into detail on that one). Lee had a good premise here, however parts that needed exploration and definition were left out or glossed over and we spent at least 30% of the book in characters sexual dreams and fantasies which he NEVER got around to explaining or turning into any sort of valid plot point. When reading this it felt like Lee had many different ideas and had thought of several ways of taking the story but he never really capitalized on any of them and instead we are left with a very plain mediocre book that only vaguely touches on the supernatural, and leaves the reader very unsatisfied. I cant go into detail about the specifics of what irritated the crap out of me because if you are like me you are going to read this either way and I dont want to ruin it for you.

There seems to be two types of women in an Ed Lee book: fuckable, creamy-titted foxes who can't get enough sex in a given day or obese, nagging housewives who make life a living hell for their frustrated husbands.

Edward Lee, well known for his demented horror and rich sexual imagery, delivers a rather strange book focusing on a small town dominated by crab picking squatters. The plot is bleak, strange, a bit depressing, certainly dark - demented Lee style. Overall this was an entertaining read about an unusual culture, with a captivating main character, sexual tension, and chilling scenarios. On the bad side the very ending let me down a bit, as it seemed cut off and overly grim.

Her sister owns a lot of land in their small town, and a group of 'hill people' known as 'The Squatters' live on the land in exchange for working in Judy's crab businesses. This is the way it's been since Judy took over from their parents. Soon, Squatters are turning up dead, then people connected to Judy are turning up dead, then the killers are dying, in the most mysterious, supernatural ways...If you like books about dark magic, then this should be right up your alley.

Edward Lee is an American novelist specializing in the field of horror, and has authored 40 books, more than half of which have been published by mass-market New York paperback companies such as Leisure/Dorchester, Berkley, and Zebra/Kensington. Lee also attended the University of Maryland as an English major but quit in his last semester to pursue his dream of being a horror novelist. For over 15 years, he worked as the night manager for a security company in Annapolis, Maryland, while writing in his spare time.

  • English

  • Horror

  • Rating: 3.59
  • Pages: 340
  • Publish Date: October 2005 by Leisure Books
  • Isbn10: 0843954132
  • Isbn13: 9780843954135