A Man Possessed

A Man Possessed

He'd rejected her once alreadyA cruel fate brought Dominic Harland back into Kate Hammond's life.Eight years ago, in the midst of a bleak marriage, Kate had offered herself to Dominic only to be humiliatingly rejected.

The pain had lingered, and after her husband's death she'd vowed there would be no men in her life.Kate was starting over--selling her house, starting a business--when Dominic reappeared, still hurting her, still desiring her.

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____________________________ Dominic treated Kate rudely for two-thirds of the book, thinking she was The Nymphomaniac of All Time in this Universe and parallel ones too (kidding). Dominic, too, underwent years of unrequited longing: desperately fighting his feelings becausebeing the scrupulous man that he washow could he love and desire a promiscuous woman such as Kate? I liked seeing Dominic grovel, and finally giving in to his long-suppressed and possessive love in some passionate love scenes.

Fortunately her gambling, cheating husband left her a widow at 21 and now, six years later, she and the hero can finally have their HEA. The heroine's friend had to tell the hero the entire truth of her marriage and even then it took more people nudging them together to finally have an HEA.

But there is also more than a hint of malice on the mother's part, she sends the h designer outfits that were two sizes too small .) The h has been living a fairly quiet, solitary existence and her very managing, nosy friend is convinced the h needs to be set up with a man to make her happy. So the story starts with the managing friend insisting the h come to a dinner party. This time though, the h is trying to start a new life - she is starting a stained glass design business with a mentor and has decided to sell the Elizabethan home that was her dead husband's family manor. She agrees to go to the dinner party and the managing friend is totally delighted that the h is trying to make a new life without the baggage of her hideous dead husband. It seems dead hubby brought an old school friend home one weekend and it was lust at first sight for both of them. The h, wanting to be a lurved up kitten so badly, sneaked into school friend's bed while hubby was out doing the rounds. Still the h feels there is no use crying over spilt milk, she has a stained glass design business to start, a manor house to sell and her dad's cottage to clean and move into. The h is shocked to see it is the dead hubby's old school friend - the one that kissed her wildly and then kicked her to the curb, calling her trash. Then the old school friend starts making snide remarks about how she drove her hubby to gamble. The h is happy at the thought of getting some business, she goes home after ignoring the H and his nastiness and starts to do some potential designs. The next day she goes over to the finance couple's new home and the wife wants one of the h's designs. The h is pleased, even though the wife seems a bit nosy about how she knew old school friend and we find out that his father gave him a complex about women from the time he was two and his mother left his father.

"A Man Possessed" is the story of Kate and Dominic. However, the thing that actually shattered her was 3 years later, when temptation presented itself in the form of Dominic, her husband's classmate and starved for love and, the heroine blindly comes on to him. But when the hero ends up going too far in a verbal spar, the best friend takes it upon herself to expose him to the heroine's past.

They didn't seem to spend a whole lot of time together. I just realized, this HP hero was not nasty enough for me.

:) The h was tricked into marriage by her mother and a man much older when she was only seventeen. She believed that her husband loved her and soon learned how wrong she was. It initially manifested in anger and cruelty, but after the H learned the truth, the passion could have burned the bed. And the H appeared to be quite a talented man!

The h is a somewhat bovine, shut down h as she was sold into a marriage by an evil mother we never get to meet. She meets up with the H who says a plethora of mean things all to do with what a slut she is. I don't see much a a HEA, but at least the twee h finally got some good sex.

As if things aren't bad enough for poor heroine, Kate, it turns out that the house she is living in is next door to a high security prison. Now, as soon as I read that, I knew - just KNEW - that someone was bound to escape and hold poor Kate to ransom just so that the hero can redeem his horrible self. Indeed, it almost seems as if poor Kate needs rescuing from Dominic by the escaped prisoners and not the other way round.

Penelope Jones Halsall aka Caroline Courtney, Annie Groves, Lydia Hitchcock, Melinda Wright Penelope "Penny" Jones was born on November 24, 1946 at about seven pounds in a nursing home in Preston, Lancashire, England. She first discovered Mills & Boon books, via a girl she worked with. She published four regency novels as Caroline Courtney, before changing her nom de plume to Melinda Wright for three air-hostess romps and then she wrote two thrillers as Lydia Hitchcock. Soon after that, Mills and Boon accepted her first novel for them, Falcon's Prey as Penny Jordan.

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  • Rating: 3.12
  • Pages: 189
  • Publish Date: January 23rd 1987 by Harlequin Presents
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