Dar and Gregg

Dar and Gregg

He certainly doesn't expect his Jock-God of a roommate, tall, hunky, muscular Gregg the champion wrestler.

Workouts, friendship, a little hurt and comfort, and pretty soon Dar can't take being in love with his straight roommate.But maybe Gregg isn't so straight.

Though he vowed never to fall again, he's not figuring on Dar and how the cute little nerd unfreezes his fearful heart.For once, the nerd gets the jock, but different interests are the least of their problems.

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Not only do the characters become best friends then lovers, but they must deal with coming out to their families, community and deal with the acceptance and prejudice that their love brings to them. Dar mistakenly assumes that Gregg is a dumb jock. Gregg instigates Dar's acceptance within the Jock community and gets Dar a job as the manager of the wrestling team. I liked how Dar and Gregg stood by one another. I personally do not like to read first person, but it is so well written, that I knew what was going on within Gregg's mind most of the time as well as the other characters in this book.

Cannot re-read this again!

Firstly the "sexy talk" was god awful, for example:(view spoiler) "Yeah, fucker, blow that load. People call people fucker during sex?!

I've had this book recommended to me so many times, but I've put it off and put it off until now. Now, I've never said this about a m/m romance before (and I've read a fair amount), but this one actually kind of grossed me out at times.

First, I hate that I can only give this book one star. I liked the conflict, I wanted them to get together, and I was in love with Gregg as a character. But it wasn't just smegma licking, it was the description of how it tasted and how it smelled and /shudder /gag. I do love to read when guys are attracted to real man-smell (that doesn't include smegma...). The very sad thing was that after the 35%, the book just slid down a hill and never picked up again. I have read many, many m/m stories and I love the explicit scenes. Not just the explicity of the scenes, but the dirty talk that felt like a bad, bad porno script with bad actors who were just reading them off the paper. I have no problem with dirty talk in sex scenes, but here... (view spoiler)Well, I'll say this: Except for the first scene with Dar's dad, I felt the rest of the interactions were extremely gag-worthy in its corniness.

Reading the author's bio, I got an insight into why this story feels so much like one of those that used to be churned out monthly in magazines of old. This book, though based on the previously described tried and true formula, has the stamp of being something the author might have wanted to read when he was the main characters's age, a young gay man. This story is a combination of 90% raunchy, dirty, graphically detailed and exquisitely enjoyed sex; 9% cheesy (yes, I said it!) romance, and 1% educational. Our sense of smell is tied to the most primitive part of our brains. Overall, I loved this story in all its aspects and will go on to read the others in the series.

The scent of dirty jockstraps Dar, our nerd with the biting wit, has a bit of an addiction. While he masturbates he huffs what he thinks is the succulent scent of thoroughly used and downright dirty jockstraps. Cock cheese please Gregg is our sweet jock with the uncut cock. Rimming for reals, yo All things ass related are celebrated in this book but rimming is described in astounding detail.

(5-stars) The body odor fetish was a little...odd. (3-stars) I also found the very intimate and very detailed "sex talk" between Dar and his parents kind of weird and...disturbing.

Bobby Michaels lives in Fort Lauderdale with hundreds nay! But through it all Bobby has been first and foremost a writer, beginning his career writing stories for trashy romance magazines in the 1960s along with stories and poetry through the rest of his life.

  • Jock Dorm

  • English

  • Romance

  • Rating: 3.38
  • Pages: 210
  • Publish Date: September 2006 by Loose Id
  • Isbn10: 159632287X
  • Isbn13: 9781596322875