The Rival

The Rival

Amidst whispers of treachery and murder, the Stanhope heir vanishes without a trace...After Lionel De Vere's mysterious disappearance, Garrick De Vere becomes heir to an estate shrouded in scandal. Blackmailed by his powerful father into returning to England after a decade-long exile, Garrick finds himself forced into confronting the past and defending his innocence against those who wished to see him banished forever.She dared to love the man all of London hated...Lady Olivia Grey and her daughter both possess the shattering "gift" of sight, and it is this vision which drives Olivia from a love marriage directly into the heart of a bitter rivalry between two brothers, placing both herself and her daughter in jeopardy-as lies, secrets and ancient passions threaten to destroy everyone involved.The were strangers and outcasts, thrown together by a past that would not die. Together they fought to expose a legacy of deceit and claim the love that defied their entire world.

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Lionel went home and Garrick followed a short time later. Fourteen years later, Garrick was told that his father was dying and requested to come to London. Susan Layton was playing the harpsichord at the country home of Arlen and Olivia Grey, earl of Ashburn. Olivia kept Hannah with her at their country home and Arlen would visit only a month or two each year. Olivia told Susan that she was wrong about Garrick and she needed to get to know him. Elizabeth also mentioned to Arlen that he needed to watch Olivia due to her interest in Garrick. Olivia headed home the day that Arlen told her to leave and they left late so they did not make it home. When they woke up, Garrick had received a note from his father in London informing him that Lionel had returned after being missing for fourteen years. Arlen followed Olivia to her room and Hannah started crying. Arlen discovered that Hannah had premonitions similar to Olivia. Olivia escaped and took Hannah to where Garrick was. Arlen took Olivia home, locked her in her room and sent Hannah to a sanitarium. Lionel told Garrick that he had seen Olivia and that she was fine and didn't ask about him at all. Garrick accused Lionel of not being his brother again and asked his mother to check on Olivia. She went to Ashburnham but Elizabeth was now pregnant and remaining at the house with Olivia. Elizabeth told Lionel that she was tiring of her husband. Elizabeth also mentioned him being the father of her child but he told her it was probably Arlen's. She arrived at Arlen's and told him that Olivia had escaped. Elizabeth then went to see Lionel and told him the same thing. Lionel also went to Bedlam to confront Garrick and Elizabeth. Garrick and Olivia arrived at Bedlam to get Hannah but Arlen was already there. Olivia told Arlen to let them have Hannah or she was going to tell everyone about his sleeping with his sister. As they were leaving, Hannah told Garrick that his brother wanted to hurt her. Before he arrived, Garrick took Hannah into Lionel's room and asked if she could feel anything there. Lionel then told the earl that he was his son from a maid that he had gotten pregnant before he married Garrick's mother, Eleanor. She told Garrick that he would find what happened to Lionel in the diary. Arlen told Olivia that he was going to annul their marriage. Richard kept up the pretense of being Lionel and was going to marry Elizabeth.

I like Olivia. Aside from some abuse by Arlen towards Olivia, I don't dislike him. Garrick set his sights on rescuing an unhappy Olivia and they begin an affair but Arlen's not having it and sets out to punish her.

After ten long years of banishment to Barbados, Garrick is summoned home to take his rightful place in society. After ten years, Garricks older brother and rightful heir, Lionel, returns home to take what is his.

It was a book I didn't want to put down or have come to an end.

She has won many awards, and her debut novel, Innocent Fire, won a Best Western Romance award.

  • English

  • Romance

  • Rating: 3.64
  • Pages: 437
  • Publish Date: August 15th 1998 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
  • Isbn10: 0312966210
  • Isbn13: 9780312966218