The Bride's Secret (Harlequin Presents)

The Bride's Secret (Harlequin Presents)

Should she confess to her husband? Marianne had been thrilled when Hudson de Sance proposed. But could she really go ahead with the wedding? She was being blackmailed, and the only solution seemed to be disappearing from Hudson's life....Only, Hudson had found her, and he was still determined to make Marianne his wife. But now he was driven by revenge, not love! Marianne longed to marry him--but what would happen when Hudson discovered his bride's secret?

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The story starts with our 24 year old h in Morocco with her fashion photographer boss. We learn that two years earlier, the h and H were madly in love and the 34 yr old H proposed. The H is extremely angry and in his angry Alpha H way, he is soon kidnapping the h for several hours at a time and facing down the h's kinda wimpy wanna be OM boss. All this togetherness forces the H and h to admit that they still love one another, indeed the H is practically pleading with the h as he describes how he has been searching for her for two years in between prosecuting high profile criminal cases and that as soon as he heard she was in Morocco, he hopped on a plane and proceeded to stalk her. While the H says he won't drag her by her hair to the altar in front of all his relatives, he will stalk her for the next ten years until she makes that bridal appearance. Two years earlier her stepfather was a huge mobster criminal - supposedly her mother never knew- but when the H and h announced their engagement, the H was in the midst of a big mobster prosecution. There were serious threats made by the stepfather that the H would be blackmailed and compromised and the h, not knowing what else to do and ashamed of the snot snarfer her mother married, ran away. The H went from angry Alpha to besotted H in a pretty satisfactory way, but the h's big seekrit reveal took a little too long to get to and thus it is only 3.5 stars for this delayed HPlandia HEA.

Seems like none have reviewed this book here and I am going to be first to write it. Okay, back to the review now, this story is about Marianne McBride aka Annie and Hudson de Sance. Hudson *sighs dreamily* is complete worthy hero. Most of the book, I was sighing and swooning and growling too with Hudson. He did not fear admitting he was vulnerable and when you hear about his past, you just want to hug and kiss all his pain away.Let me tell you, they have stopped manufacturing guys like Hudson. So girls, keep you hearts still and be ready to be swept away by Hudson. And for our heroine Annie, I liked her most of the time but she was total pain-in-the-ass in the end. *thank heavens, he died* So, I completely understood her being fearful for Hudson and abandoning him. But, after two damn years, when Hudson was back again proposing her, and she was being completely JERK! I completely loved it and I guess, will never get tired re-reading it. Helen writes amazing, swoon-worthy, to-die for heroes but her heroines are most of the time pain-in-the-ass, stubborn, idiots, silly and just want to kick them off.

Basically the h and H love each other, until the heroine is blackmailed by a bad guy and she literally chooses to run away from her problems and pending marriage to the hero by pretending shes found another man.

This was all right towards the end, but it took so long to get there that I can't rate this higher than "it was OK." The plot rests entirely on the secret, which the heroine doesn't reveal until the end.

Marianne and Hudson had been briefly engaged when she disappear leaving behain everything she hold dear, her mother and the love of her life, Hudson. And soon it was obvious how much in love he was for Marianne and ready to fight for her.

Being a committed Christian and fervent animal lover she finds spare time is always at a premium, but long walks in the countryside with her husband and dogs, meals out followed by the cinema or theatre, reading, swimming,and having friends over for dinner are all fitted in somehow. Her first novel was for Mills and Boon and was accepted after one rewrite in 1992 as Helen Brooks, and she passed her driving test (the former was a joy and the latteran unmitigated nightmare!) She has written 50 novels as well as several sagas as Rita Bradshaw.

  • English

  • Category Romance

  • Rating: 3.28
  • Pages: 192
  • Publish Date: June 24th 1999 by Harlequin Presents
  • Isbn10: 0373120478
  • Isbn13: 9780373120475