Mel is especially excited by the colors that hell be able to use, since color is a very expensive Pleasure, strictly controlled by the sinister Fifth Mystery.Mel cant wait to enjoy the wonders of the grand city and begin his important work for Blenk.

Still, the promise of working under the great Blenk and studying his legendary paintings makes the misery bearable.But when Mel and his new friends, Ludo and Wren, inadvertently stumble into a battle between the Fifth Mystery and the Rainbow Rebellion, an underground band fighting to make Pleasures affordable for all, the trio must step through Blenks paintings into the Mirrorscape.

Hugely original and deeply compelling, Mirrorscape is a thrilling adventure filled with the beautiful and the bizarre, the fantastical and the frightening, and entry into an incredibly visual, secret world, where the ultimate weapons are pigment, a paintbrush, and the power of imagination.

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The story progresses in short, imagine-filled chapters, filled with many characters, most of them with extremely cool names, such as Adolphus Spute, Ambrosius Blenk, Dirk Tot, the Rainbow Rebellion, and my favorite, Mumchance. In the words of the character Dirk Tot, "There will always be men who only think in terms of profit, never in terms of value." To put a stop to all these wrong-doings in the marketplace, the honest merchants of the city of Nem got together and formed something called the Mysteries. And this is where the character with great artistic talent, Melkin Womper, comes in: he is born into a world with corrupt Mysteries, although he knows close to nothing of it because he lives in the country. They are part of the Fifth Mystery, the most-corrupt one out of the five, and they're convinced that Mel has stolen a Pleasure. The man called Spute is convinced that Mel has stolen a Pleasure belonging to the Fifth Mystery, which has to do with sight, and therefor, art. Mike Wilks had invented a wonderful concept of an art academy...with paintings...that let you enter a whole new world. Beasts that artists' have created can come out of the Mirrorscape, as Mel, Wren and Ludo discover...but people can also go in. The three friends discover a vile plot, led by Spute and Mumchance, to arrest Dirk Tot and trap the Master, Ambrosius Blenk, inside the Mirrorscape. I LOVED this book, the concept was fantastic, the characters were great, and the descriptions of people and landscapes were utterly amazing! It was definitely great and...refreshing to read all the wonderful descriptions in Milk Wilk's Mirrorscape book; I think he is a genius. A very hard thing for writers to do is paint a picture in their readers minds and I think that Mike Wilks has most certainly done that, using the best words at the right moments to paint a wonderful picture in his readers' mind as his characters, Mel, Wren and Ludo, journey forth to fulfill their destiny inside a painter's painting, which hangs upon a wall in a room in an academy in a city in the wonderfully and incredibly well-thought out world that Mike Wilks has created.

Mirrorscape by Mike Wilks Final Verdict: 2.0 out of 4.0 Plot/Story: 2 - Plot/Story could work with better development. Mike Wilks Mirrorscape is a young-adult fantasy novel with a promising premise: what would the world be like if artists could actually travel into their paintings? If Wilks had slowed down a bit, eased up on the creative throttle and allowed the places and the characters to grow and enchant us, rather than bombard us, a truly magical story could have ensued but it did not. Wilks provides very little history or motivation for his characters; they interact in the most superficial ways with one another, yet the reader is meant to believe that, somehow (in a matter of days, really) these deep friendships and deeper animosities manage to develop so that good and evil comes to fight a battle to end all battles at the climax of the novel, and yet, the reader couldnt really care less who prevails or who falls along the way. Wilks attempts to throw a curveball in the character of Dirk Tot, the eminent artists right-hand man, but it fails disastrously (where there could have been potential) because the sub-story goes absolutely nowhere.

Hes been plucked from his meager existence in his sleepy town and has been brought to the big city to study as an apprentice under a great Master painter. But not everything is dim for Mel. Hes made friends for the first time in his life: Wren, a kitchen girl, and Ludo, a fellow apprentice. When running from Groot one day, the friends see the Master doing something in his office they were not supposed to see, and are suddenly thrown into a mystery and a great adventure that could be the difference between life, death, and saving the beauty of art itself. I was intrigued when Mel and Ludo discovered the secret of the paintings they could jump into and experience the sheer world of imagination, and I did think it was awful clever of Mike Wilks to include backward writing (or mirror writing) in his book which required the reader to hold a small mirror up to the book in order to read what was written.

As much as Mel would just like to improve his craft, he cant avoid the power struggle between the Mystery and the Master hes been caught in, because Mel has stumbled upon Mirrorscape, the world within paintings in which imagination is the only thing that truly matters. Stumbling in between Mirrorscape and the real world, Mel and his friends will have to use their wits and creativity if they are to survive and ultimately defeat the Mystery. Like in most fantasies, the unusual setting and specified language take a little getting used to, but thankfully, the new places and words werent so different that I couldnt imagine them at all.

Mel, einem jungen, sehr begabten Maler wird die Chance gegeben eine Ausbildung bei dem berühmten Künstler Ambrosius Blenk zu bekommen, um vielleicht irgendwann nicht mehr nur mit Tusche zu malen sondern auch mit Farbe. Nach dieser Entdeckung finden die drei Freunde bald mehr heraus, über diese andere Welt hinter den Bildern. Mirror Scape wird diese Welt genannt, sie ist voller Schönheit, Fantasie aber auch Grausames gibt es in dieser Welt. Es reißt einen mit, und wenn man das Buch fertig gelesen hat, erwischt man sich, dass man in Gedanken immer noch in dieser wunderbaren Geschichte, in diesen Bildern verweilt.

The bad thing about this book is the imagination of the author, he overwhelms us with it at every turn. Our younger readers love all this fantastic imagery and simple storylines with only a handful of characters to keep up with and if illustrations are involved, winner!

There are characters in this book by the names of Ludo and Ambrosius. LUDO and AMBROSIUS. Even if Mike Wilks is the biggest fan of "Labyrinth" ever, filching names seems like a really lame way of paying homage.

Als er ihm was Gutes tun will und einige Beispielbilder Mels an die große Künstlerakademie in der Hauptstadt schickt, bekundet diese schon gleich Interesse an dem Jungen. Doch auch dort muss sich Mel mit viel Ärger herum schlagen und als er zusammen mit seinen Freunden Wren und Ludo einige höchst interessante und beunruhigende Entdeckungen macht, ist ihm auch schon die Gilde wieder auf den Fersen... Nur Fra Thenum, der Dorfgeistliche, erkennt das Talent in dem Jungen und fördert ihn, indem er die Bilder Mels in der Kirche aufhängt und an die Künstlerakademie von Ambrosius Blenk schreibt. Daher würde ich das Buch eher als Kinderbuch einordnen, wobei es dennoch sehr spannend und fesselnd war und sicherlich auch älteren Lesern gefallen kann. Dennoch hat auch hier der Autor für ein wenig Rätselraten gesorgt, denn tatsächlich gibt es auch hier einen Charakter wie Severus Snape aus Harry Potter, den man sehr lange Zeit nicht einschätzen kann. Dennoch haben mir die Darstellung und die Idee der Gilden gut gefallen, denn jede Gilde ist mit einem Sinnesorgan verbunden und für alles gibt es eine Art "Patent", das der Handwerker kaufen muss, um es zu verwenden. Besonders ab dem zweiten Drittel des Buches wird auch die Handlung ebenfalls viel aufregender und man kommt langsam hinter die sonderbaren Geheimnisse hinter MirrorScape, was Mel, Ludo und Wren heimlich entdecken, als sie Ambrosius Blenk beobachten.

He ran a successful graphic design business for five years before he sold it and began writing and illustrating books in 1975.

  • Mirrorscape

  • English

  • Fantasy

  • Rating: 3.24
  • Pages: 352
  • Publish Date: October 13th 2009 by EgmontUSA
  • Isbn10: 1606840088
  • Isbn13: 9781606840085