The Legend of Witch Bane

The Legend of Witch Bane

High Queen Rhiannon Eldess has placed the kingdom of Kaldan under a terrible curse.

Danger awaits the children as they face the queen's evil minions in their desperate quest to save their kingdom.

To gain final victory the children must find Witch Bane, the magic sword which will give them the power to defeat Rhiannon once and for all!

It will take all their courage to survive the malevolent forces of evil gathered against them.

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True, once the Fairy Books were some of the best kids' reading around, but modern kids may not be prepared to tackle the high stakes and terrifying situations of real fairy tales. Hendrickson does an admirable job of spinning the old-school into the new-school, making the realms of the Fairy Books a little more inviting to today's reading kids.

The message of the book for me, for it does contain many, could be summed up in words of the future image of Kodobos self in the cave of dreams: When put to it, most people would rather die than sacrifice the thing they love most. Through their many adventures I continued to get close to them until as I turned the final page I was disappointed to say good-bye to my friends.

Im more of a skeptic of Young Adult novels. The story has action and adventurea solid plot and memorable characters. Notable characters can make or break a novel, and Mr. Hendrickson succeeded in that endeavor. Occasionally the kids acted a bit out of character for their age, but nothing that caused me pause. The Legend of Witch Bane has classical themes. The story does have a familiarity about it, but it is comforting instead of annoying, the way it should be. I enjoyed Mr. Hendricksons writing. The Legend of Witch Bane is a wholesome tale, perfect for its intended audience. I am anxious to read more of Mr. Hendricksons work.

The Legend of Witch Bane follows 3 small, unlikely heroes as they struggle against evil to save their parents and their country.

It is a wonderful story about the power of love and the strength that we have if we believe in ourselves.

Now Im not an expert, just someone who enjoys reading and there are very few books that I refuse to finish or just give up in the middle. I think the worst example of that was when the kids needed to get across a lake, and the boat-master refused to let them across but wouldnt tell them what sort of payment he wanted. The kids would fight, but lose, with these massive wounds. So the kids been bleeding on the ground with massive wounds for at least half an hour and a total stranger shows up to heal him. Normally if I cant finish a book I give it a 1 star, but Im giving the author one extra for the effort and the storyline. I dont want to just give 1 star as I feel my review would just be ignored, but I cant in good conscience recommend this book for reading unless you have little children who wont mind all the plot holes and lack of substantiative characters.

This has resulted in my getting through perhaps the first three or four chapters of a book before placing it back on the shelf to be forgotten. As a lover of the Classics, I must say that I haven't enjoyed a YA book so much since The Hobbit.' The author, Kevis Hendrickson, has not only mastered the narrative style of writing (which I most enjoy), he has recalled the gems of the Age of Story-telling.' At times, Legend' reads like a favorite fairy tale, at times it feels more like classic mythology, but it is always told TO the reader. It is also a wonderful book for adults who enjoy a gentle, yet intriguing tale. It is not a difficult read, an asset in a book aimed at younger readers. If you can open your mind and recall your favorite tales, the ones you loved of old, then you'll have a very pleasant experience curling up with this book. Legend' is well written, and that is crucial to its effectiveness, but what makes it a true stand-out is that it's a tale well told.

How in the world will they ever defeat so many minions and what exactly IS the legend of Witch Bane? Kendricksons ability to weave known fairy tales with a new and exciting plot line was genius, and his attention to the tiny details that make adventure books come to life was equally flawless. Childrens fantasy is (admittedly) difficult to write, there must be an equal balance of impending doom and life lessons and The Legend of Witch Bane spouted both with perfect form.

A blend of fairy tales and epic fantasy that probably should have chosen to be one or the other. Anya is chosen, and her rescue sets off a long chain of events that will lead to tragedy for the children and victory over the evil queen and the powers behind her. The fairy tales actually aren't that bad, and I wished he had just gotten rid of the plot and made it a collection of them: the characters are attractive, and just hearing their feats would have worked.

The sixth book in the series, Rogue Hunter: Death Moon, is scheduled for release in 2017.