Dying Light

Dying Light

It's summertime in the Granite city: the sun is shining, the sky is blue, & people are dying.

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Dying Light (Stuart McBride) reviewApril 24, 2018 4.5 (rounded to 4) Poor DS Logan McRae. Because of consequences from his last case he has been re-assigned from DI Inschs team to DI Steels team. DI Steel knows this is her chance to shine if she plays her cards right as she knows Logan is actually a good copper. But he has integrity (sort of) and is a tireless investigator (thanks to his inability to ignore the phone when DI Steel calls him relentlessly on his days off). I cant tell you how many times I laughed out loud while reading this book. Mr. McBride has a great way of instilling a laughable moment just at the right time. There are numerous little plot-lets to keep in mind. I did like the fact that the plot pieces are wrapped up nicely though the personal relationships and fates of some of the characters are left hanging a bit, enticing readers like me to continue on with the series. Thanks, Mr. McBride, for giving us Logan McRae and his gang.

He could tell things werent going to end well Prostitute Rosie Williams had been beaten, viciously, to death. As the evidence began to mount, another prostitute was found, beaten to death. A serial killer was striking, and McRae knew they would lose more if the team of police didnt find the culprit and fast.

It is book two in the Logan MacBride series. DS Logan McRae has been assigned to DI Steels team the Screw-Up Squad thanks to the way his last case ended. McRae has the makings of a good cop. He absolutely does not want to be part of Steels squad, so he tries his darndest to solve his assigned case to get himself reassigned to DI Insch, the candy-holic whom we also met in Granite City. The main characters, especially Insch, Steel, and McRae seem a bit stereotyped. If I compare Dying Light to Granite City, I have to say that I enjoyed the first book much more. I hope Logan McRae finally gets off the Screw-Up Squad for good!

And, like the first book in the series, it was too long. I will try the third book, and that will help me make a decision whether to continue with the series or not.

This is the second Logan McRae novel, following on from Cold Granite. Not that there is no humour the author has the ability to bring an ironic touch to the darkest scenes but this is not a crime novel for the faint hearted.

This book was good in so far as plot, bad guys, scare, etc., but by the time some of the best parts were gotten to, I was already tired of the internecine warfare with DCI Steel, the credit stealing boss. So if DCI Steel keeps stealing credit for what she has not done, then why is she still in charge of the screw up squad? Ian Rankin's Rebus character has many enemies, but they do not slow the plot to the extent MacBride's does.

And, I had some problems with the main suspect of the suitcase murders, (view spoiler) the person in question that the police arrest just didn't seem to be capable of planning a killing so it just felt natural when Logan got the right killer towards the end.

DI Steel is not your typical DI and works in very different ways to Logan and his previous boss DI Insch.

I would still read the next book to see what will happen to Logan McRae

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  • Rating: 4.10
  • Pages: 519
  • Publish Date: January 2nd 2007 by Harper
  • Isbn10: 0007193165
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