Innocent Victims

Innocent Victims

The gripping account of a heinous crime--and a mystery that has never been solved.

A suspect was arrested and convicted, but acquitted after spending three years on Death Row. Were the murders inspired by the infamous Fatal Vision case?

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A fascinating read that follows the many crooks and turns, highs and lows of this wild story about the murder of the Eastburn mother Kathryn (Katie) and her 2 young daughters Erin and Kara Leaving the youngest, Jana alive but dehydrated in her crib.

This book has a lot of similarities with that story.

It has the do's and dont's for both prosecutors and defence attorneys in court. To appease the public, the county sherrif acting against the advise of the District Attorneys office move in on a target, Timothy Hennis. Working full time, his lawyers prepare an appeal with they present before the supreme court arguing that his client was nevet given a fair trial as per the Constitution. Fortunately, the members of the supreme Court agrees with the appellant and grants him a new trial. Working to repair their case and right their wrongs, the defence team prepares for the trial without any rest. At the end of the trial Mr. Hennis is acquitted of all charges. Vanstory, the prosecutor who conducted the initial trial is charged with prosecutorial misconduct after it is discovered that he never supplied the defence with all the evidence in his possession at the time of the initial investigations.

At times I felt frustrated because though the focus is on Hennis there are so many questions that this book fails to answer and leaves open to interpretation.

The author is very careful not to put his pen too far on one side of this fence than the other, but as the book progresses only an absolute idiot, or the police and prosecutors in this case could possibly believe for an instant that this guy was the actual suspect. disgust is the only thing I can feel, Im not going to give too much away, in case there are people who dont know, and want to read it for themselves, but lets just say I do NOT for a second believe it and what is included in this book about the labs and the police make me suspect very strongly that they would continue to keep going until they got their man, no matter what it took. Im not on the fence on this, I dont for a second believe Tim Hennis had a single thing to do with these murders, I believe the police decided for whatever reason that he did, and they would go to ANY lengths to prove their theory right.

Makes you wonder what the truth is I read this book years ago when Hennis was acquitted. When I heard DNA had been matched to Hennis, I was surprised and wanted to know more, so when I saw the book had been updated and re-released, I dove in. However, if that is the case, why does the military oppose the testing of hairs, fingernail clippings, combings and blood-stained towels at the expense of the defense, which should support the DNA? Especially in view of the problems found in over 200 cases by the SBI lab, they should be happy for any other evidence showing Hennis is the guilty party.

I realize forensic testing is costly but it just boggles the mind of the average person why the judge refused to allow more, if not all, of the evidence to be tested...even after the defense arranged to pay the fees.

This book left me baffled at the rush to judgement that was made on such flimsy evidence. To me the timeline, evidence and reason for the crime just didn't match up. If the semen sample matched Mr. Hennis, why doesn't pubic hair, skin from under fingernails, fingerprints or anything else also indicate his DNA. The book left me more convinced than ever, that he was railroaded by a rush to judgement by people intent on solving a crime and calming people's nerves. The last few true crime books I have read, had put me off the genre, with either boring or insipid storytelling, but this has renewed my interest.

Considering how crooked the prosecution was during the first trial, the embarrassment by the statecounty after acquittal, the SBI, lab corruption, has it occurred to Tim's defense that the sudden "ahah!" moment (definitive test results) were planted, misapplied, etc.?

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  • Rating: 4.03
  • Pages: 384
  • Publish Date: March 1st 1993 by Onyx
  • Isbn10: 0451403576
  • Isbn13: 9780451403575