When biologist Chris Bacon headed for the unspoiled rainforests of Papua New Guinea in search of medicinal plants, he had no idea that he would bring home a rare flower rumored by a tribal shaman to prevent human aging. Driven by fountain-of-youth dreams, he plans to turn the flower into an elixir of youth and health.But as Chris begins tampering with the ultimate secret of nature, he unleashes forces that not only threaten his own family, but expose the world to unimaginably horrific consequences.

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Add in just enough science to support the idea, a not so nice pharmaceutical company executive willing to do anything to save himself, a ruthless drug lord, and a wide variety of other characters and you get this fast paced, keep you up all night story.

Elixir Author: Gary Braver Reviewed by Fran Lewis How would you feel if there was a way never to grow old or age on the outside or inside? A plant that could change the course of your life if the end result, an Elixir is perfectly formulated and work to prevent you from aging for a long time. Wouldnt that be great especially if the end result last long and there is no side effects from this medicinal plant? Added into this intricate plot are some other dangerous players who have a lot to lose if this new Elixir does not work or yield the profits expected. Quentin having his own private secret dealings with the government and hiring Chris Bacon to do the research for him for this Elixir called Veralox. The lucrative business is gone but what happens next will definitely let you know that Darby Pharma is not down and out even though the President is not happy with what he learned about the other business dealings they had and the end result puts Chris in a different position that might benefit his company and help stop aging. Finding out that they found his notes, his thoughts on the new Elixir and more Christopher is not fired but is told to continue his research and find the answers to the financial problems of his company of course what really happened to Dexter and to the mouse that died in order to slow down the aging process. The team is in place the research being done and one woman questions it all and places the project in jeopardy as she claims that playing God is not what she signed up for and that this Elixir as it is being called is wrong and stopping the aging process is not what God had intended for people. But, one man was in debt and sold out more than just the company but maybe part of his moral soul too as he gives someone a huge percentage of a drug that has not even been FDA approved or knows what the end result will be. What happens to another who proves unfaithful even scarier as this drug can prove deadly but the end result still to be determined as many monkeys are sacrificed and one seems to disintegrate in front of their eyes. Then the unthinkable happens and everything changes for Chris and his family. What happens next will change his familys life forever as leaving his home, changing their names and starting over with the help of Wendys sister. What happens will shock the reader and make you wonder just how far someone will go to live forever? What happens at the end will make the reader question whether what Chris started out to do was really worth it? Chris aka Roger, Wendy aka Laura and Adam their son aka Brett, what happens to them you wont believe unless you read the book, decide whether you can keep the secret of the Elixir and what it does and of course whether you agree: Should people live forever? What happens to Roger you will have to learn for yourself as he decides to change directions, ask for help but finds himself in the midst of more betrayals, deceits and murders. If you could prevent people from dying from Alzheimers, cancer and other diseases and live longer or forever, would you want the FDA to approve the drug?

At its heart is a huge what if question, one which is handled well by author Gary Braver. And it is no surprise that the dream of prolonging ones life is on the minds of many people, people getting ready to retire and would like to live as long as they could. The pace of the novel is good, the scenes well written but the real meat of the story is how people react to the idea of being able to live forever and what others will do for that secret. Gary Braver paints us a picture inside the corporate, criminal and political minds surrounding the issue of life everlasting.

In this book Mr. Braver examines many of the situations that would very likely develop were such a thing ever actually concocted. The book is fun to read if only to share some time with the interesting characters and their reactions to the idea of immortality.

A good fiction writer makes his writing invisible - that is, the story draws you in and you're oblivious to the writing (e.g., Dan Brown).

What if you could live forever? Not to mention, a life of seeing your loved ones get old and pass away while you continue to live at whatever age you were frozen.

I liked this book but is seemed to have a lot of build-up to get to the story and took a while to read.

In Gary Braver's Elixir, he took us on a journey to Papua New Guinea and back home to the USA.

  • English

  • Thriller

  • Rating: 3.58
  • Pages: 448
  • Publish Date: August 13th 2001 by Tor Books
  • Isbn10: 0812575911
  • Isbn13: 9780812575910