Before Your Pregnancy: A 90-Day Guide for Couples on How to Prepare for a Healthy Conception

Before Your Pregnancy: A 90-Day Guide for Couples on How to Prepare for a Healthy Conception

Created by two experienced health-care professionals, this unique handbook not only discusses virtually every aspect of preconception that affects a healthy baby, it tells you how to handle each one.

The hundreds of topics coveredmany for the first time in any bookinclude Mens Health: Building healthy sperm before conception (nutrition, fitness, and medical influences) Womens Health: Gynecologic well-being, preexisting medical conditions, genetic legacy, boosting fertility, becoming a mother at an older age Becoming an Informed Patient: Choosing a doctor, what a complete preconception exam includes, important questions and how to ask them, insurance coverage Nutrition: Improving the health of future generations, preconception meal makeovers, ethnic Food Guide Pyramids, avoiding food-borne illnesses, vitamin and mineral facts, pre-pregnancy body weight Fitness: Preconception fitness evaluation and exercise prescription, safety tips and motivational anecdotes, preconception strength and flexibility workout Medications/Herbs: Baby-friendly ones and ones to avoid Personal Readiness: Emotional, financial, and environmental issues Romancing the Egg: Tips for success when ready to start trying Plus : Separate questionnaires for the prospective parents to fill out in preparation for their preconception medical visit.This warm, intelligent, and completely informed reference gives aspiring parents exactly the knowledge and support they need to insure the best of everything for their child-to-be.

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Notes: Use glass, stainless steel, porcelain or ceramic containers for hot foods. Breastfeeding while taking antidepressants appears to be safe for the baby, although taking the lowest possible effective dose is recommended. discontinue for a short period of time during first trimester Safe OTC drugs for headaches and muscle soreness is Tylenol. Herbs & Supplements CAUTION-- alfalfa, grape seed extract, valerian, wheat grass, camphor, chamomile, coffee, echinacea, gingko, ingested lemongrass, ingested lavender, melatonin, raspberry leaf, sarsaparilla, wild yam (not the same as in stores), tea (green, black, white oolong), ginger as a dietary supplement (otherwise don't load up on it during the day), garlic as a dietary supplement (otherwise fewer than 2-3 cloves daily) Herbs & Supplements AVOID-- ingested aloe, ingested essential oil, ginseng, licorice (real, which is seldom found in candies), passion flower, medicinal rhubarb (not garden), st. 8x8oz glasses/day Vitamins folic acid - 400mcg choline - 425 mg vitamin c - 75mg b6 - 1.9mg b12 - 2.4mcg Food Safety Practices 1. Avoid storing foods in large, deep containers 5. Plan ahead when thawing food (defrost large items in refrigerator 1 day per 5 lbs) 7. Purchase perishable foods last at the grocery store 9. When in doubt, throw it out Do not drink unpasteurized or raw milk Always store milk in the regular refrigerator, not the door Avoid eating soft cheeses unless melted and brought to boil OR if they have been pasteurized (brie, feta, blue cheese, camembert, mexican cheeses) Yogurt, cottage cheese and cream cheese are okay Do not consume dairy products after the use-by date When buying meats & poultry, place wrapped item in another plastic bag and keep bagged or on a clean the fridge If raw meat juice gets on counter or fridge shelf, wash with soap & water & paper towel Cook meats to safe internal temperature Wash hands before and after handling raw meat Anything that touches raw food should be thoroughly washed All ready-to-eat deli meat must be reheated until they are steaming hot before consuming Eat ready-to-eat foods by use-by date Reheat meat and poultry products only once Eggs should be kept refrigerated Cook eggs all the way through til firm Avoid testing batters that have uncooked eggs Ask if items that have eggs are pasteurized (caesar salad dressing, tiramisu, chocolate mousse, ice cream, eggnog) Wash hands after handling eggs Rinse or scrub all veggies & fruits under cool running water before eating/cutting/peeling For leafy vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage, discard the outer leaves Rewash veggies that have been precut & prewashed Avoid both raw & minimally-cooked sprouts Avoid drinking unpasteurized juice or cider from roadside stands Avoid raw fish & shellfish Avoid refrigerated smoked seafood (lox, nova style, kippered, smoked, jerky) DO NOT participate in these sports: downhill skiing, waterskiing, scuba diving, diving, surfing, horseback riding, rock climbing, high altitude hiking or snowshoeing above 10,000 ft, soccer, ice or field hockey, basketball, gymnastics, bikram yoga

And they want to cover a lot of ground about health and reproduction, so they cant really dig into anything, with the unfortunate overall impression that they think diet and exercise can solve anything, which is not even really what they believe. I am a living breathing example of why the BMI is bullshit as a health measurement tool.

If you are trying to get pregnant, don't smoke or do drugs. If your BMI is in the overweight or obese category, it might be easier to get pregnant (and you might have a lower risk pregnancy) if you lose some weight before you conceive.

The advice is helpful, but I would suggest corroborating some of the recommendations with a second opinion. Get the print version of this book, though.

This is the only book that I've found that doesn't assume I'm reading because I can't get pregnant. My husband enjoyed the fact that it actually has a chapter meant for the dad instead of spreading tiny highlighted tidbits throughout the book the way What to Expect Before You're Expecting did.

I now feel much better prepared to make a preconception consultation visit to my doctor and ask the right questions, as well as to alter my personal eating and exercise habits to best prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy.

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