Amidst the post-war chaos that rains down around them, a controlling man and a desperate woman must choose between life and love.

The chaos of the war and its aftermath sent him into a rigid state that he couldn't seem to overcome.He and his friends, nicknamed Devils on Horseback, leave behind the aftermath of war to start fresh in the west.

The Devils are hired to remove the Taggert family from land claimed by Samuel O'Shea, the largest landowner in Grayton, Texas.When he meets Elisa Taggert, his entire world shifts beneath him.

The simple task of removing a woman, a boy, and an old man, along with a small herd of cattle, resembles a Medieval siege.Nate wrestles with what he knows is right with what he must do.

Will his love for Elisa overcome his need for survival?

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Then read on: Nate is the first book in the Devils on Horseback series and an exciting, sexy. This story is set during the post Civil War era when many men found themselves on the wrong side of the war - or the law, as the case may be - and looking to start a new life.Nate Marchand grew up as the only son of the town drunk. He and his friends, nicknamed Devils on Horseback, leave behind the aftermath of war to start fresh in the west. The Devils on Horseback world Beth Williamson has created is a compelling one, and I enjoyed getting to know Nate and learning more about his life before the war. But the thing is, this had the potential to be a 5 star read for me if Elisa hadn't been so over the top stubborn and if the dialog had felt less strained, bordering on cheesy.

I won't spell out the plot of this post- Civil War story since other reviewers have done it so well, but I will say that I loved this little western romance; it was extremely fast paced, had a good plot, and really held my interest. Nate and Elisa were sympathetic characters; each had pasts filled with emotional pain. By the time she met Nate she was almost completely worn out. I felt that both of these characters just really deserved, and needed, someone to love.

And fall in love for absolutely no reason, since they don't even know each other yet. I loved Ruthless Heart (thank you for the rec, Ruth!), which is by the same author, but under her pseudonym Emma Lang. "You took her virginity against a tree?" Gideon punched the ground.

I like historical and I like westerns, so this book was right up my alley. So it isnt hard to imagine that after the war ended, a posse of men tries to stay a few steps ahead of their greatest enemy during the war.

There was a lot missing from this book. I saw where it was going and that's where it went.

The first book in series about ex confederate soldiers making their way in life together after the Civil War. And is the story of Nate and Elisa. The story reads at a fast choppy pace.....which is exactly like Elisa.

I didnt like Elise at all to over baring and loud for me.

One bit in particular I really liked was the description of total desperation at the beginning, after the Devils return from war. I haven't read a huge number of romances set in this period, but this struck the right note for me - one of desperation and survival - as well as a great romance.

Nate Marchand and his friends come home from the war hungry and ready to work but they find most people poor and struggling.

On a trip into the town to get supplies, Nate meets Samuel OShea, a local landowner. Nate has never quite met anyone like Elisa. But try as he might, Nate cant seem to treat her as simply an obstacle to be removed for a hell of a lot of money. She cant afford to develop feelings for Nate; she has no time to be anything other than the protector of her ranch against a new threat. Unfortunately for Elisa, no matter how much she tries to blend in as one of the boys, the way she responds to Nate is distinctly feminine. The little town in the Wild West, made a perfect setting for a lovely little book. Nate is the epitome of a perfect southern gentleman. When he wants turn on the charm he can, but the second he loses control that southern smoothie disappears and the man is replaced with heat and passion. I loved him, he acted towards her exactly the way that I expect a good alpha hero to behave. She talked tough because she didnt know another way of proving that she could handle everything on her plate, but the second she got within spitting distance of Nate, all the toughness disappeared to be replaced with lust and insecurity. The only questions is do Nate and the devils sort out the sticky mess she is in, or become part of her downfall?

Beth Williamson, who also writes as Emma Lang, is an award-winning, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of both historical and contemporary romances.