Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems by Carrie Alexander released on Jan 31, 2006 is available now for purchase.

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Jamie is a 'nice guy.' For those of you unfamiliar with the term, that doesn't mean 'good guy' or 'kind guy,' instead it describes the kind of lowlife who pretends he is friends with a female but secretly wants to fuck her, secretly thinks he's 'in love' with her, and 'waits and waits' until 'the perfect time' to 'make his move.' Surely one day she'll realize that he's perfect for her, that he's better than any guy she's ever dated, and come to her senses! Let me know they are interested in me romantically/sexually. It's slimy and gross to pretend not to have any romantic/sexual feelings for a female, but really secretly be pining for her and waiting for 'the perfect opportunity' when the scales will fall from her eyes and she'll realize you are the perfect, sexy man she's been waiting for. We can be 'friendly' after this, but we will not be 'friends' because I know that you have an interest in fucking/dating me. And none of them are these deceitful little chickenshits who can't man up and ask a woman on a date. But this isn't about male/female friendship - which is COMPLETELY possible, just because one person is a male and one is a female doesn't mean they have to end up fucking - it's about weasels who PRETEND that they are a woman's friend, but secretly want to get into her pants and into her heart. He listens to her go on and on about men, boyfriends, sex. He watches her and holds her hand through all her relationships, SECRETLY hoping to be Boyfriend one day but utterly lacking the balls to say or do anything about it. Three years waiting for the right time to tell her that he though there could be more than friendship between them. I have no fucking respect for this guy. If he sneaks out the next morning, it's to bring me back the Sunday paper and coffee and muffins instead of going to the gym to perfect his physique." Jamie wondered when she'd realized she'd described him... The idea that this guy has been hanging around, doing favors for her and feigning 'friendship' with her while secretly hoping she'll fall in love with him or give him nookie is just SO GROSS to me. The book wants me to believe that Jamie has been sneaking glances at her breasts at every opportunity FOR THREE YEARS and she never noticed. She also insists on saying throughout the book that Jamie is 'suddenly a man' and 'is no longer a boy, but now a man' and 'is a man now' and I'm like, "NO. Just because now you suddenly want to have sex with him DOES NOT MEAN he was a 'boy' before but now he's a 'man.' That's so insulting. Every time he speaks almost, she has to ask him, "Are you talking to me or your dog?" I mean, fuck. I don't give a care about the sex between these two people I have absolutely no respect for. And I find it sad how hard Jamie tries in bed and how little Marissa cares. Please learn to love yourself, Jamie. "And how would you play ME?" She put a hand over her dark tuft, the knowing tone telling him that lately she'd become quite aware of how his mind worked. He stopped himself just in time, withholding because he remembered how she'd disdained men who mistook the first exciting rush of sex for love, to the point where they dithered over her like syrup-sopped romantics. But he'd also seen how her gaze lingered on loving couples on the street, almost guiltily, especially with the greeting-card moments like seventy-year-olds holding hands and a husband kissing his wife's pregnant tummy bulge. It's gross and creepy to me that this man spends THREE YEARS pretending to be 'just a friend' to Marissa while secretly hoping one day she will magically see him as Perfect Boyfriend. Yes, asking a woman out could result in her saying 'no.' But at least you've had the balls to ask her, and at least you both know where you stand now. On Marissa's part, NO woman is so stupid that a man is running his engine for her for three years and she doesn't notice. Whether she decides to be a good person or not is her choice, but neither choice will magically make this guy a person with self-respect, self-worth, and confidence. Disgusting 'romance.' She's not interested in you, dude. Doesn't she realize I'm the PERFECT GUY, not like all those OTHER GUYS who don't treat her right?!" She's just not into you, fucker. And he's certainly not her "friend." Everything he says and does is in the hope that one day she will fuck him or make him boyfriend. This isn't, as a lot of men believe, a rejection of kind compassionate men in favor of macho assholes. Both men and women are attracted to people with self-confidence, and there is nothing attractive about a coward who hangs around simpering and hoping his 'crush' will one day magically sexually want him when he doesn't even have the balls to ask her out. What kind of person tortures himself/herself by spending THREE years watching his/her 'love/crush' fuck, date, and break up with other people?!!?!? Someone with absolutely zero confidence and self-respect, that's who. A kind guy or a compassionate guy would do kind things for a woman (catsit while she's out of town, listen to her problems), but wouldn't do them with the aim of 'making' her realize that he is 'the one' or in the hopes that she'll suddenly want to have sex with him. I'm just talking about respecting yourself as a man and a human being, and respecting women as human beings, and not thinking the world owes you shit. Women aren't objects to be manipulated and conquered, they are human beings who may not want to have sex with you.

Siiiigh this stupid 'friend zone' crap drives me nuts...

She has been a RITA and Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice finalist, but finds her greatest reward in becoming friends with her readers, even if it's only for the length of a book. Carrie lives in the upper peninsula of Michigan, where the long winters still don't give her enough time to significantly reduce her to-be-read mountains of books.

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  • Publish Date: February 28th 2006 by Harlequin
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