The Success System That Never Fails

The Success System That Never Fails

What do you want most out of life?

All of these things and more can be yours if you follow just a few simple rules and put to work a revolutionary new formula.

Very little separates you from success.

Most of them achieved their greatness not because of great intellect, but because they used the latent power within them to drive themselves up to the top.

How successful you are -- in any of your desires -- is simply a matter of the right mental attitude and using the easy-to-follow principles in this book.

Within these pages is an amazing new concept that shows how success can be reduced to a formula -- to a system that never fails.

As you read this book something wonderful will begin to happen: you will acquire new knowledge...

Soon you will recognize the ingredients for success.

You will wonder why you have let life hold back these riches from you.

Now you will be able to judge your abilities and the powerful potential within you.

Now you will see how the right mental attitude will develop your own individual success system.

Now you will learn how to use that success system to obtain the true riches of life.

W. Clement Stone, the author of this book, held back none of the secrets that brought him the riches of life.

He gives you: SELF HELP CHARTS -- to spot check your interests, your talents, your desires so that you can make aself analysis of your present degree of success.

the startling new SUCCESS INDICATOR -- that will help you wash away bad habits and automatically acquire those which lead to success.

a wonderful new TIME RECORDER -- that shows you how to budget your time to get more than you ever dreamed out of your social and business lives.

Stone shows you: how to do twice as much in half the time.

how temporary failures can become permanent successes.

The Success System That Never Fails is the golden key to a glittering future.

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The basic premise of this book, was his success principles: inspiration to action, know-how, learn from activity. Basically, get a desire, know how to work towards that dream, learn from what your doing to further your success likelihood. With that in mind, Clement stresses that success is achieved by those who try. You need to be a self builder, which is a person that consistently tries to better themselves in all ways. I live by the self-motivator or mantra of try to do the right thing because it is right. Focus on the right things in your life and you will have success, while not wasting time for the trivial ones. You need to harness the three principles, and then you will reap success. Inspiration to action, you need to be motivated with dissatisfaction of your position. By practicing these many times each day, you will subconsciously react in a positive way with regards to your mantra. The power of a positive mental attitude is paramount to a successful life. This is salient for success, you need to be positive about life to reap the benefits and get opportunities. Trends naturally decline, you need new ideas, life and motivation to make your trend positive again. Along with the three principles of success, one needs to implement a philosophy. A philosophy is something you live by, adhere to and look to in times of success and trouble. Just knowing about wont do anything, you need to live by it religiously. When somebody is sick or is contemplating giving up their life and do the wrong things, show them they have much to live for and people count on them. You just need to work very hard most people can learn anything they put there mind too it just takes different amount of time depending on intelligence, keep going and stay motivated! So use good self suggestions and hold a high moral standard this way ensuring you will never fret from the life of good morals. We all need to track our progress, and develop a success time recorder.

You can accumulate those things into a system through thought and trial and error.

I feel happy! I feel terrific!" "Faith is mere day-dreaming unless applied." "Actions - not mere words - determine the validity of a man's living philosophy." "Suggestions to overcome barriers... Humility (Each virtue took 1 full page in the book. He concentrated on learning a page per week, completed all in 13 weeks, then repeated this 4 times a year. and enthusiastic!") "Don't read self-help books like a detective book." Detective books: writer writes the conclusion Self-help books: reader writes the conclusion "Keep the desire to change your personality from negative characteristics to positive." "I remember when Napoleon Hill had a problem and was unable to come up with an answer. So he read his own book Think and Grow Rich and found the answer." .

Some of the habits presented in this book in no particular order are: Education This is one the most habits in my opinion, and if you dont have skills that you can use to earn more money than you need to learn new ones. But with the internet these, majority of new skills can be learned through books and courses which are less expensive than going to college. Know-how This habit is combination of two above, we need to try narrowing down our interest and not try to learn too many things. There are more things that can be learned from this book, but I dont want to make this review too long. I have to say that if you are looking something easier to understand, that you might want to read The Law of Success, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. And if already read those books, than you wont find anything new in this book.

I think way too much time is spent on quotes and reviews from people that I've never heard of and that I can't relate to.

But it read it many times, learn it's principles, theories, and follow it's directions; and you will achieve success in anything you wish.

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