Your Sugar Sits Untouched

Your Sugar Sits Untouched

Written between the ages of 13 and 18, Emilie Autumn's debut poetry book quickly sold out amongst her followers upon its release back in 2000, and the audio version has since become a sought after collector's item.Now, through the magic of digital downloads, this unique spoken word book/album with EA's original musical accompaniment is available again.This edition contains 48 poems, including the well-known "How To Break A Heart," from which New York's Rochester Ballet Company created an original ballet.

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I don't feel that is fair to thoroughly criticize it, as poetry is more of an art than any other kind of writing, and art by nature is deeply subjective. So I'm giving it a good rating, because I did enjoy it mostly, but I'm not going to attempt an in-depth analysis to something I can never truly know the thoughts behind. Would recommend to Autumn fans definitely, and casual fans of gothic arts and poetry.

I wish I could drain the words I ingested from this book out of my brain and spit them out of my mouth.

I tried to listen to the audio while reading along, but I stopped after five poems as Emilie's voice got annoying and it was incredibly unclear what she was trying to say (yes, even though I had the text right before me) Though I can't really say I had expected much of these poems in the first place.

Although many never heard of if until it's digital re-release in 2008 because Autumn didn't really become acknowledged until 2006, "Opheliac." This followed Enchant which was released in 2003, not 2001, as also written by the author on her website. Because over the years from 2003's debut "Enchant" I've watched literary talent, sink, rather than grow ( she had a few classical recordings before which well, no one heard of until her re-release of those in 2007, with "laced / unlaced"). The writing in 2003's enchant was whimsical and fresh, the few poems on this release taken from 2001's across the sky and other poems, written in her early-mid twenties, at age twenty four, not teens as also wrongly advertised by the author, who states her spoken word to have been performed earlier and by a ballet company (I see no evidence where, and so, feel it must just be another lie to try and impress. In this 2005 release (more 2008 release), published when Emilie was twenty-eight (it's no secret that she was actually born in 1977, as Emily Autumn Fritzges), the new poetry seems just as lacking with originality as to be high schoolish dribble, very tedious, very boring.

I have also just read her so called "Novel" equally cringe, the more I follow her work the more I get this feeling. Many people like British culture but they don't insult us with their sycophant wanting to be us. I am supposed to believe these poems were written of real experiences with the exception of some and that her asylum stay in the other book I wasted my money on was just as real? I feel just as stupid as these people for buying this bland and lifeless poetry record. The other thing that makes it hard to listen is the American trying to sound British, the British don't speak the queens English, we all have our own accents why isn't this in Liverpudlian?

I feel bad only marking this two stars, because I'm a big fan of Emilie Autumn. Autumn is strongest when she writes more modern poetry. I honestly can't say I really liked the book as a whole, but I did love some of the poems within.

Overall I recommend reading this if you like Medival poetry since there is a lot of fairytale related poems in here which are very good.

Globally known for her genre-bending album Fight Like A Girl, Emilie has also appeared as an actress, starring in Darren Lynn Bousman's musical fantasy films The Devil's Carnival and Alleluia! With her Victorian burlesque-themed stage show and signature heart painted on her cheek (a unifying symbol devotedly replicated by her international fan base known as "Plague Rats"), Emilie fast became a sensation throughout Europe and the United Kingdom before touring in America, South America, North America, and Russia.

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  • Rating: 4.11
  • Publish Date: 2005 by The Asylum Emporium