The Second Mrs Adams

The Second Mrs Adams

An accident...

Amnesia....A chance to fall in love all over again!David Adams is going to have to let his wife back into his life.

But does that mean he's going to fall right back in love with her?David is convinced that what he feels for Joanna right now is lust.

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Fortunately SM knows the value of multiple POV and via the H, the H's longtime nice housekeeper and the Insidiously Malicious evil OW - who also happens to the be the H's long time personal assistant- we learn what led these two unhappy people to the point of divorce. The H became entranced with his little Gypsy h's free and easy ways and in the space of ten days, he managed to lurve her up and marry her. This marriage DID NOT go down well with the Insidious Perfidious Evil OW. All of this is done under the innocent guise of helping the Boss's Wife find her niche of course, tho neither the H nor the h know that our Evil OW estimation of the h's niche is in the gutter with the rest of the trash needing to be cleaned up. But as the h recovers in the privacy of the H's brownstone, the H starts to see glimpses of the wife he adored when he married her and all the traces of the impostor he had been living with for the last few years seemed to vanish into the mists of HPlandia. It isn't until the h, who has a great deal more common sense in her amnesiac state than she ever did in her right mind, starts to think that there may be a little somethin' somethin' involving Evil OW assistant overtime under the H that she decides to make a move. The Perfidious OW gets the h to write a note that she is leaving the H again and this time the OW hides the h in her apartment under the guise of friendship for a good friend fleeing a broken relationship. Everything is bucolically peaceful and full of sparkly lovings and Mummy and Daddy are more madly passionate about each other than ever, as we leave the happy family enjoying the glow of an HPlandia Rosy Pink Sunset HEA. This one is pretty entertaining in the 'What the Heck Happened In This Trainwreck' stakes and I must confess the Insidious Perfidious Malicious Evil OW is truly delightful. So while the H and h aren't the brightest, they are very loving and the buildup to the Evil OW reveal with the big HEA is worth the ticket price of this most entertaining HPlandia outing.

At this point, I was looking for conspiracies (by the author) like a twin swapping trope etc. And as the h is exposed to her previous personality and daily routine, she is quite appalled and unable to accept that she is the same person (so alluding to chances of a twin swap but the author had more tricks up her sleeve.) I started enjoying the book only after the incident where she decides to gate crash a charity function for Tico the chimp (or something) where the H goes off alone without her and her diary tells her she was invited too (in fact had a big hand in organizing it too.) Of course she goes dressed in a skimpy dress as opposed to her usual signature black gown. It makes for a good story (view spoiler)but also makes the h/H (especially the h) look stupid and almost criminally gullible for letting a third person so completely brainwash her and ruin her marriage.

I can't believe it is published as a category romance, because it has such depth and more content than you typically find in a book less than 150 pages in length.

I just finished visiting the Adams in HPlandia and I enjoyed their tangled story. Joanna Adams was just shy of signing the paperwork to end her marriage to David when she was in an accident and lost her memory.

The thing is, this story is 100% predictable and you see the evil OW from miles away. I only wish that that she was caught early on, the couple did not lose so much of time and misunderstandings solely because of her and their lack of communication.

And as she does, she slowly emerges as that vivacious woman her husband had fallen in love with. I could easily see how with the aid of that evil OW, Joanna had some how lost the woman David had fallen in love with. I loved that we were privy to both Joanna's and David's thoughts as they struggle to come to terms not only with the present but with the past, and slowly how they realize how much they want a future.

I like amnesia stories because they can give a couple a "reset" in a dramatic way. This story delivers that in spades as the heroine is told of the false person she had become (at the promptings from the OW) and not liking her very much.

The heroine's amnesia allowed her to break out of her destructive pattern of behavior and grow a spine.

I love it!) She was a manic pixie dream girl that unbuttoned the buttoned up finance fiancee.

I write the kinds of books I love to read, and I hope that makes my readers happy.

  • English

  • Category Romance

  • Rating: 3.57
  • Pages: 186
  • Publish Date: January 1997 by Mills & Boon
  • Isbn10: 0263799298
  • Isbn13: 9780263799293