Darcy Wills is desperate.

Unwiling to lose the people she loves, Darcy must confront her past and the truth.

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She still like her ex-boyfriend and is afraid to tell him what happened to her. An idea is family issues because she need to know how to separate her family, school and boyfriend problems. I think the book was really good because I feel that the story can relate to teenagers. I would recommend the book to young teenagers because i feel that they can have connections with the character Darcy Wills.

A girl name Darcy broke up with her boyfriend Hakeem during the summer while he went to live in Detroit for a little while. A girl named Brisana told warned Darcy telling her that she saw Hakeem kissing another girl at the mall on a Saturday. Darcy was really hurt because her best friend Tarah didn't tell her.

She thinks her best friends Cooper and Tarah are against her and are ...more This book is about a girl named Darcy that attends Bluford High. Her grandma died a couple of months ago and her dad had a drinking problem. Her grandma died a couple of months ago and her dad had a drinking problem. Hakeem met another girl in Detroit named Anika.

It showed that there were a lot of problems in the book and that Darcy had to somehow overcome all of them. Plot It was the last day of summer when Darcy and a few of her friends were going out to eat. Hankeen was Darcys ex boyfriend who she had not seen all summer. Setting Most of the book took place in Bluford High School. Darcy was having trust issues with all of her friend and relationship issues with her ex boyfriend.

Say the chapter is about to end and then all of a sudden the author puts something big right before the next chapter and it makes you want to find out what happens so you just keep reading. I personally can relate to a lot of things that go on in this book.

I thought that Darcy and Hakeem were meant to be together forever. I also thought that it was very attention grabbing because the author had two best friends fight and breakup. Darcy dated a guy named Hakeem for almost all of her high school career. He then came back and Darcy didnt know what he had done with other girls. Darcy thought that Hakeem had slept with another girl and got into a big fight with both Tarah and Hakeem. This lasted a while but Darcy finally came to her senses and realized that Tarah and Hakeem were just protecting her. While Hakeem was gone in Detroit Darcy ran into trouble with another guy. Darcy told Hakeem this and he got very upset. Hakeem then told Cooper about the incident and they were both upset so they went to have a talk with Brian. Nicos Pizza was the first place Darcy and Hakeem met since he left. Recommendation/Rating I would recommend this book to kids or young adults from 12 to 18 years old who like drama because there is a lot of drama in this book.

I think the saddest part is when Darcy loses her friend Tarah, after she finds out Tarah was lying to her about Brian cheating on her. I did like how it ended when Darcy and Jamie's father decides to stop drinking and lying to them about it. Plot Shattered is about a girl named Darcy whose life is falling apart. I think she seems that way because when her friends are fighting with her ex-boyfriend Brian she screams "stop," and shouts he isn't worth it. I think this is the theme because when Darcy's life is falling apart she is losing her loved ones too.

It was about the main character, Darcy seeing her ex-boyfriend Hakeem again. Darcy and her best friend, Tarah went to a restaurant to meet Hakeem and Cooper. Both Darcy and Hakeem were keeping secrets from each other. Her secret was Brian, the guy she saw a couple times while Hakeem was away. After Darcy found out Hakeem's secret, she did not want to talk to him anymore. When Darcy told Hakeem what happened the summer he was gone, he was all upset. When Darcy's best friend told her their plan, she ran to Brians. She went to Bluford High along with Cooper, Tarah, and Hakeem. Keeping secrets was what caused friendship struggles with Darcy, Tarah, Cooper, and Hakeem. Secrets also caused problems in Darcy's family.

Plot - The plot in this story starts off with Darcy worrying about her ex boyfriend coming back home to start school. Darcys friends kept the secrets from her as well as Hakeem. Once Darcy finally decided to just talk to Hakeem, she felt better. Tarah and Brisana were Darcys closest friends who kept secrets for her and Hakeem. Setting - The story mostly took place at Darcys home and at Bluford High School. I will continue to read more by this author and do recommend this book for someone who likes Paul Langan.

After he contributed to a number of TP textbooks and taught English at a community college, Paul reconnected to his interests in creative writing through the Bluford Series. Originally working as an assistant with the Bluford novels, Pauls role steadily grew.