Maia is a fifteen-year-old peasant beauty growing up in poverty beside Lake Serrelind.

Seduced by her stepfather and betrayed by her jealous mother, Maia finds herself in the hands of slave-traders to be sold as a concubine.

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Rather than seeing it as some kind of condescension toward women, it strikes me as fitting right in with the rest of the historical fiction I love to read.) The book is long, and Adams occasionally becomes long-winded, going into meandering digressions about various characters' histories. Occula is one of the most memorable characters in all of fiction, in my opinion, and for reviewers to write her obvious importance out entirely by saying that this book portrays a poor view of women is just ridiculous. Maia is a long, sensory, in-depth journey through Adams' fictional world, and the reader is guided by a host of fascinating characters. Don't pass this one up, especially if you love Adams' other works or if you are a fan of character-dense historical fiction.

Richard Adams' mastery of rhetoric makes this book one of my all-time favorites.

A prequel of sorts to Adams' second novel, Shardik, Maia (written ten years later)does include many of the same characters from Shardik, although the plots of the two novels have little relation to each other. Both works, based in Adams' richly detailed world, including the Beklan empire and some adjoining territories, are long-format epics, with plots that span periods of a few years. This is a work of fiction, so there is no call to be offended by Maia's seduction by her stepfather or her subsequent abduction and lifestyle as a slave "bed girl." I'm amazed that there are those prudish enough to be deterred from continuing by these plot elements.

Maia, ultimately, had all the self-determination and personality of a vagina-equipped surveillance camera.

Even then, the one black character is still so well-developed that she seems like a real person--someone we'd love to know.

Sometimes when you read a book, it just seems to call out to you; you suddenly know that you will love it and it will be special to you. (Hard to do when it is a 1000+ page hardcover!) When I eventually set down to read it I was hesitant, but it turned out the be just what the doctor ordered. I look forward to reading this book over and over in the years to come and sharing my love with others. I am unsure if it will live up to Maia in my mind but I certainly hope it at least captures some of the splendor I felt while reading this novel. thing a shearna pulls her nipples through) continue to astound me and yay for Occula being childfree unlike Maia ;) As much as I enjoy his other works, to me this is surely Richard Adams at his best.

Better title for this book: "INCEST AND THE INGENUE" or "young women are so dumb but sometimes they are pretty and I wish I could watch them enjoy nonconsensual sex". P.s. that goddess is revered for being a young girl who gave into her "animal desires" and had (boring, undescribed) sex with a large white goat (who she didn't realize was a god incarnate). But why write TWELVE HUNDRED PAGES and not make your heroine intelligent????

In 1938 he went up to Worcester College, Oxford to read Modern History. When Watership Down was finally published, it sold over a million copies in record time in both the United Kingdom and the United States. To date, Adams' best-known work has sold over 50 million copies world-wide, earning him more than all his other books put together.

  • Beklan Empire

  • English

  • Fantasy

  • Rating: 4.01
  • Pages: 1056
  • Publish Date: September 27th 1984 by Viking Press
  • Isbn10: 0670800333
  • Isbn13: 9780670800339