Naoki Urasawa's Monster, Volume 9

Naoki Urasawa's Monster, Volume 9

Pero, un día, llegaron unos mensajeros demoníacos.

El pueblo quedó rodeado de un aire viciado y los aldeanos empezaron a matarse unos a otros.

El propósito de esos mensajeros demoníacos era capturar al monstruo.

SU NOMBRE ERA FRANZ BONAPARTA!Cómo puede convertirse un hombre de carne y hueso en uno ficticio?

Tiene que eliminar a todo aquel que le conoce, a todo aquel que conoce su pasado.

Un hombre intentó hacerlo.

Ahora, el "monstruo sin nombre" se ha convertido en un hombre de verdad.

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Way back when, over a year ago, I read the first 2 volumes of this from my library because a booktuber had hauled this and said it was about a serial killer. Like, I liked volume 1 but it was a really slow bind up and I just wanted to fall in love from page 1, like I did with Death Note. I can't remember whether it was volumes 3-4 or 5-6 that started growing, but this turned into such a well thought out series with twists, turns, side plots that are so relevant but you never realize how relevant to the end, and so much depth. I could go on and on with a full list of all the characters I love and why, but in the end they were all so special and made the story that much better. Such a fitting ending for every character. I want to collect these manga.

Doctor Tenma faces this question in the first volume in which his superior tricks him into operating on a popular opera singer instead of a turkish man who was actually first in line for the operation. This little boy is Johan Liebert. When I first started reading the series, I was convinced that Johan was pure evil and one of the greatest villains of all time. Johan and Nina's mother who gave up on one of her children to save the other? On top of that, Johan isn't even sure if their mother meant to give Nina up, since both twins were dressed in the same way and impossible to tell apart. Doctor Tenma is faced with the question of the equality of lives once again, in this grand finale. First, when he is finally head to head with Johan and has the possibility to kill him (heck, Johan even tries to force him to kill him by threatening to kill a little boy if Tenma doesn't pull the trigger) and just like in the library before, again, Tenma is unable to shoot Johan. He shoots Johan in his head to save his son. Once again, a bullet wound in Johan's head and only Tenma is there to save Johan's life. So once again, he saves Johan. It is his duty as a doctor to save Johan. Tenma leaves Johan. Or did Urasawa play with a jump in time and Johan actually died of his bullet wound and that's why the bed is empty. I haven't wrapped my head around this and I seriously don't know which theory I even want to believe in but woah, this manga series will be read over and over again throughout my life. The only two things that could be improved upon in this last instalment is that I didn't get my much anticipated Tenma-Dieter reunion (I know it's hinted at in Dieter's talk with Otto that Dieter is actually living with Tenma now but I really really wanted an on-page reunion, I deserved it!) and everything wrapped up rather quickly in the last volume.

Creo que lo que mejor que puedo decir de este manga es que a pesar de ser 9 tomos kanzeban me he quedado con ganas de más, y eso dice mucho a su favor.

Opening with the long-awaited reunion between the Liebert twins Anna/Nina and Johan, the former comes to the traumatic realisation that she was the twin taken by Franz Bonaparta the man responsible for the eugenics experiment leading to the birth of the twins to his Red Rose Mansion, when he committed mass murder. Upon discovering Nina, Tenma, still on the hunt for Johan, sets on a journey to discover Bonaparta, leading to him as well as many others to the quiet town of Ruhenheim. The final chapter features Tenma, now a member of Doctors Without Borders, visit's Johan's mother, and visits the comatose Johan in a police hospital. During Tenmas visit with his former enemy, Johan suddenly awakes and reveals to the doctor about what started his monstrous side, suggesting that his mother who, though sacrifices one of her children to Bonapartas experiment, may not have wanted either one or the other.

I love how it can take a series where if you see a character have something good happen to them you can start placing bets on them dying and yet it's full of hope. Johan is my favourite character in the series but every time I read it, I want Tenma's world view and the people trying to save Tenma from himself, I want that to win. I think he'd like that.) I could probably write an essay on Johan and his character and everything about him. I love Tenma and his worldview and how he can't shoot Johan and goes to save the man's life....AGAIN. Man I could write an essay on Johan and Nina's relationship.

Fan de manga, il faut lire Monster parce que c'est un incontournable seinen... Pour ceux qui ne lisent pas de manga : il faut lire Monster parce que c'est un incontournable...

Nachdem meine Reise mit Urasawa vor vielen Jahren mit "Monster" begann und erst jetzt endete, habe ich die letzten Seiten gelesen und den Band zugeschlagen.

Urasawa has won the Shogakukan Manga Award, the Japan Media Arts Festival excellence award, the Kodansha Manga Award and the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize.